Vampire Energy

October 9, 2010

The vampire is a human who feeds off the life force of other humans.  It needs the blood of another human to survive.  It cannot generate its own energy or be satisfied by the energy sources other human’s use to fuel their life.  In the myth, once bitten by a vampire you become one. The change is not physically noticeable but occurs on a deep cellular level.  The weakness one experiences from having their life force drained is so powerful, the only path to replenish it is through drawing on the energy of another who has not been tainted by the same form of depletion.

Energy vampires are not a myth, which is why we are so curious about the mythical vampire.  After spending time with an energy sucker you feel drained, exhausted, depleted.  Yet while you were with them you felt magnetically attracted in a way that was hard to resist.  The vampire is particularly seductive because we feel the vacuum within the person and want to help them heal.  This archetype is played out on TV and in movies, using stories that intertwine vampires with romance, love that is secretly destructive.  The stories connect us to the familiar experience of being in a partnership that is charismatically hard to break free from but depleting, one that steals energy from us.  In relationship with a vampire we gain a sense of being needed.  The power to fulfill the need of another, provide life sustaining energy, is exceptionally seductive. 

From the perspective of our energetic body, the vampire often taps into our third chakra (solar plexus) the center of our personal power.  This cord plugged into our belly siphons off energy for the vampire’s use.  There are many past experiences that can make us receptive to vampirism, such as wounds to our sense of empowerment.  It may be a belief that to love one must give of themselves limitlessly.  It may be we had a parent that was a vampire and we allowed them to use our life force to insure that our needs would be met.  Or we were taught that “no” was not an acceptable answer when our boundaries were being violated.  The vampire is a very dynamic persona.  In order to get agreement from those who allow them to consume, they must quietly create a tantalizing allure to ensnare their prey.  Or charismatically demand the attention of a room being interesting but not at all interested in the thoughts or experiences of others.

As we become aware of the energy vampires in our lives or the way we vampire the energy of others, we can reframe our boundaries and fill our own cup without taking energy from others.  The vampire will not die if we refuse to give them our energy.  Conversely, if you notice your neediness responded to as a form of vampirism; know that you will not die if others withhold their energy.  The death is mythical.  The vampire archetype will find another energy source or learn a healthier way to sustain itself.  By applying new relationship skills and owning our energetic space we give others and ourselves the gift of reciprocal energy exchange. 

In the moment when you feel depleted by a certain interaction or you sense a person in your life is worn out from your contact, pause.  This awareness provides an opportunity to practice a new response.    Visualize a protection rose the size of a STOP sign between you and the vampire.  See the stem of the rose rooted deeply into the earth.  And ask the rose to be a filter between your two energies, only allowing that which is neutral and positive to come your way.  On the otherhand, if you notice yourself pulling on another’s energy, activate the “golden sun” tool.  Imagine a large ball of golden light just above your head, larger than your aura bubble.  In the center of that golden sun see a magnet that draws your energy back to you from any place, person or project where you have left it.  See the golden sun fill with your own vibration. When it is full, reach up, pop it and watch it run down into your body like honey, filling up every cell of your physical body then overflow into every atom of your aura.  Experience yourself resting in the sense of being full, no longer needing to consume energy from another.  When you are full and have activated healthy boundaries the vampire archetype is neutralized.

  • v. scott thompson says:

    The Golden Sun is new to me. My normal response to almost all energetic demands from people is disconnect. There is another take on energetics that I have experienced: a perceptual readjustment to perceiving oneself as being drained where before one felt nurtured or energetically unchallenged. It’s similar to a religious conversion process… That which was perceived as positive or neutral is reinterpreted as destructive and draining due to adopting a different perceptual filter… Their energetic demands are vampire-ish… They require one sided energy exchange in relationships with those they stigmatize as a matter of right under the claim that equal exchange. When I encounter this, I bail. The demands they make are for the very substance of my being, which I refuse.

  • v. scott thompson says:

    About the Golden Sun: it seems to be, figuratively speaking, an unmaking of my energetic children to pull back my energy from any place, person or project where I have left it. When I send out healing, I intend to let it be kept. When I encourage in Love, I intend to honor that support and not pull the rug out from under that person. The “vampire” archetype 4s a negative spin story. Story effects belief and belief can increase or decrease our spiritual power. I believe that with inspiration and focus I make more energy than I need for myself and can share it. Again, figuratively speaking, giving a bum a quarter doesn’t give Her an unlimitted power to drain my bank account and it would be petty to demand it back. And if someone honors me by enjoying with a piece of my energy, this expands rather than shrinks me. These are all different than the sort of long term energy stalking or quick high powered drain I would refer to as vampirism. Another set of archetypes, and nonreniging methods are needed.

    • Natalie says:

      When I refer to the concept of asking for your energy to be returned to you, I am not suggesting that healing-love you might send to another be withdrawn. In fact it is my belief that is actually impossible. You can try but the impact is up to the person whose energy space is on the receiving end of your intentions. What I am referring to is that unknowingly we all leave bits of our consciousness and energy all over the place, at the bus station, grocery store, work, in other people’s energy fields who don’t want it or need it. In calling your energy back to your Self you are actually doing others a favor and filling your own cup in the process. Have fun with it. None of this is intended to be so serious. Its part of the playful expansion of life.

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