Sex, Love and Soul Contracts

February 15, 2012

Soul contracts or relationship agreements have a heavy influence on our experience of attraction and attachment. When we have a relationship agreement or soul contract with someone we find ourselves drawn to them and may not understand why. We just know that something strong is pulling us to connect.

Attraction is a combination of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The enduring connections combine all aspects aligned for both parties. When one party experiences a significantly stronger attraction than the other and the relationship doesn’t take root or roots itself in shallow soil.

Sexual connections with someone we have a soul contract with can be expansive, crack us open and leave us wanting more. The momentary energetic oneness stirs up all that our souls have known together. It can be both ecstatic and excruciating. Beyond the primal physical and psychological aspects of our mating game, what is it that hooks us in? Why might one person think its love and the other not?

When we have a soul contract with someone, a promise we’ve made in this life or a past lifetime, both parties don’t always see the agreement the same context. It may be there is a debt owed from incomplete karma. Or our promise was to show-up to remind the other person of something they asked us to remind them of, even if it doesn’t feel so loving when we deliver the message.

Our messenger may arrive when we aren’t in a good place to receive the message or they may not relay the message in a form we comprehend. We may react, stir the pot with awareness that isn’t fully informed, and create more karma with each other rather than healing or competing past unresolved energies.

We may feel like we’ve known the person forever although we just met. We might feel an irrational sense of attraction when we have nothing in common; or an unexplainable sense of attachment after a short encounter. These are not just psychological or physical responses. There is a layer of spiritual activity a play.

When both parties are present to the possibility of the soul contract, healing and growth is heightened. A powerful aspect of self-responsibility comes when we own our ability to update our relationship agreements rather than be at the whim of whatever comes.

If you have a soul contract you are ready to update to present time you can do this by going into your mediation space and visualizing the relationship agreement with the particular person, the contract:

  • See the details or general aspects of the agreement and choose what parts you would like to keep which parts you are ready to release.
  • Imagine the parts that are outdated being crossed off the contract.
  • Send the request through your intention to the soul of the other person.
  • Sign the new contract with your mark, to make it real.
  • Put it in an imaginary bubble and ask the Supreme Being to bless it.
  • Ask your Akashic record keeper to record a copy of the new agreement and to give a copy to the other person’s record keeper.

If the relationship is very deep and influential you may need outside help from a professional clairvoyant healer to see clearly the aspects of the relationship that need to be adjusted. Romantic relationships, love and sex are powerful influencers in the human experience. Honor that power with your positive intentions and give yourself grace for the healing process.

  • Bobby says:

    Sounds spot on… but how can we be sure when we release these things that we break the karmic cycle.? I am a person who had many relationships go sour although I’m willing to forgive ,,,these people are not in my life anymore.. I am very much aware that what your article says is absolutely true.. ,and although I feel I have evolved to a place where I can love these people unconditionally, I’m not sure they’re in a place where they can ..not that I’m any better, but like you, I feel that I have this aspect of spirituality pretty much figured out.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Bobby, That’s a great question, how can we be sure? My experience is that when I have completed the karma with a person I feel neutral when they show up in my life or try get a reaction, to repeat an old pattern. Its not cold or detached to feel neutral, there is still love. I experience it as feeling at peace while they are where they are without needing to match or get hooked by the energy. We all have blind spots, things that are too close for us to see. So sometimes completion requires help from someone who isn’t close to the relationship and can see it more clearly. Namaste, Natalie

  • Jackie says:

    I was in a soulmate relationship where he has passed away, and Im absolutely heart broken to the point of not wanting to go on.. I spoke to a wonderful medium who told me we had signed a soul contract and hes part of my soul tribe.. She also said we were gonna be married in our next lifetime, Im so confused and sad.. I miss him and this is so hard to understand.. i figured soul contract was something positive and its not… Im losing it, please help, Im so devastated that my spirits died and my soul is black, Im in the worst depression.. How am I suppose to learn??

    • Natalie says:

      So sorry for your loss. Your grief is deep. I believe we have free will and can change our soul agreements. Unfortunately we don’t always get to complete the agreements in this lifetime. For so many reasons this can occur. Soul contracts are not simply romantic, they can be with parents, children, friends, enemies. Your power is in choosing to update your agreement to present time. What that means is to let yourself and your beloved off the hook for leaving before planned in this lifetime so you can find joy and explore other soul agreements.

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