Relationship Karma

August 24, 2011

Have you ever wondered why some relationships end with a sense of being unsettled even when it is clear that the reasons for being together, the attraction or the love have faded away?  We all have soul level contracts with many people.  They consist of agreements made through conscious commitments to each other and unresolved experiences we have shared that build a backlog of karma. 

Relationships that include experiences of pain or commitments unfulfilled leave us with a sense of incompletion.  You know it’s over but it’s not really over, it’s just over for this lifetime.  It’s the same for relationships that start but stop before the past karma has been resolved. 

On a spirit level, karma is our energetic bank account, a reserve of resources we’ve built up from experiences as a soul.  This energy carries forward into our new encounters.  Karma is also a backlog of unresolved energy we have the opportunity to heal or release.  As we wander this lifetime we are presented with opportunities every day to create more karma through our interactions.

When we have karma with someone, it means we have a history as soul’s together, experiences both positive and negative.  We may have been married in the past, friends or opponents in war.  We may have betrayed another soul, saved their life or had incomplete access to information about our experiences together, which left us unresolved as we exited that lifetime.

 We are attracted to relationships where we have karma we need to complete.  There’s something for us to do together and we feel it in a magnetic way.  There’s a commitment to keep, a debt to fulfill, amends to make or we simply had such a great time with this soul in a previous life that we want to celebrate the reunion and have some more fun.

If we are in a relationship that releases that unresolved backlog through new experiences together, eventually we’ll get to a point where we feel there’s not as much drawing us to the person.  We feel less attracted. The zing of excitement that the unresolved karma generated may leave the relationship feeling lackluster, in a slump, even boring. Often when the intense karma is complete in an intimate relationship one or both people feel it’s lost something and they want to end the agreement.  

When we find ourselves at this juncture in a relationship, we need to create a new purpose for being together, such as agreeing to build joyful experiences together.  With two willing and committed souls, making it past this threshold of awareness can take our relationship fulfillment to new heights. 

If we want to release karma with another and they are not a willing participant in the healing process we can start by calling on our spiritual resources.  At the basic level it requires taking responsibility for our contribution to the karma that has been created, whether it was through allowing ourselves to be the victim or inflicting some harm on another. 

Using clairvoyance and soul healing tools in my work, I help clients look at the unresolved- energetically charged experiences in their relationships.  In this process we release the charge on past experiences, bring the relationship agreement into the present desired state and communicate with the Akashic Record keeper to update the soul records with this new information.   The soul agreement healing allows us to move forward without that sense of incompletion even when the other person is not interested in participating in resolution.

  • Sandy Paul says:

    I don’t know about the karma from past lives part, but one thing I can agree with is that when the original zing that gave our relationship excitement is gone, we need to create a new purpose in being together. This is so important in a marriage, or any committed relationship. I’ve found that forgiveness is a critical part of moving on in a relationship, too. It makes room for more “zing”.

    • Natalie says:

      thanks Sandy, your life has been a beautiful example of re-newing and keeping the commitment to your marriage through cycles of change. Staying connected to what you cherish in each other. love!

  • Nikkie says:

    I need some enlightenment on my situation. I’m a strong believer in karma. I fell for K instantly the moment our eyes met. sadly, it was a one way thing. We got along really well but I couldn’t pursue anything further because my friend also likes him. it was like a wrong timing thing. took me sometime to get over my hidden feelings for him. Then I met my boyfriend S and forgot K for a while. After S and I broke up, I was instantly drawn back to K but this time he started asking me out 1 on 1. I knew he doesn’t have any feelings for me but i went along because I’m head over heels for him again. After our 1st date, he ask me out again and again. usually at the last minute. and when i suggest we go out on a certain date, he’ll excitedly agree but then forgets all about it when the date arrives. It’s killing me! Oh and not to mention, this time, I’m still hiding my feelings for him because the same best friend who likes him then, now hates him instead. What is with the timing?!

    What kind of relationship karma do i have with K? Why am I always falling for him at the wrong time and giving him every chance to hurt me when I clearly know what is coming? Why do I have to always hide my feelings for him? Why am I the only one falling for him and he never consider me once? Why does he always seem to ‘like’ to indirectly hurt me by asking me out and canceling and doing things last minute? this is so exhausting. I hope you can help me clarify why this has to happen the way it happened. thanks so much.

    • Natalie says:

      Hello Nikki, Sorry for the delay, your comment was stuck in the spam filter. I’m sure there is an energetic history that has activated your response to K. It maybe some past life wound that is triggered. The work I do is looking at the soul’s experience (not psychology). We can work on healing ourselves psychological but still have these types of experiences because our soul’s memory is unconsciously responding. Let me know if you would like to schedule a reading/healing session. Bless!

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