If You Are Flat Out Over It, Raise Your Hand

July 31, 2020
I'm over it, Energy Sensitive, Exhausted

As far as I can tell, we are all pretty energetically exhausted by what is happening in the world. As someone practiced in managing intense energy, I feel like we’re in mile 20 of a marathon which is 26.2 miles… reality is we’re probably only at mile 10.

This is a marathon we are all running, one we can’t choose not to run. It’s a marathon of energetic activation unlike anyone on Earth at this time has experienced before. Even for those who have been through very big or long-term traumas, this is new territory.

I’m not trying to be dramatic. I’m trying to put it in perspective, to remind you that self-awareness is essential to survival. Whenever we face a challenge that feels bigger than we can fathom, the only way we ever make it through is one step at a time. One breath. One choice. One conscious thought to point ourselves in an intentional direction.

This literal and spiritual challenge is pushing us beyond our edge of comfort. Some miles of this marathon we may feel in in a strong heathy rhythm, trusting our self and the divine. Others may feel disorienting. We may ask our self, “Where am I? Am I still on the course? When will I be able to relax?”

The mind does funny things when faced with the unfamiliar. It chews on stuff longer than is healthy. It questions. It wants answers and wants them NOW. Or it checks-out, avoiding whats happening in the world. The mind can’t save us from the challenges we are in. When we read news on the internet or see it on TV it activates our mind.

We need our entire being to engage to make it through this, our body to give us signals take care of our energy needs along the way, our heart to reset on our values when they get trampled, our spirit to intuitively see what the other senses can’t see.

The marathon is far from over but do not dispair. Even in its horrors, I believe it presents the possibility of a healing to the collective of humanity. It’s revealing deep secret sufferings and abuses of power to ask us if we will face the challenge to end these ways of relating and stop looking away.

More than ever it’s time to take care and be aware of our energy. How is it "in" or "out" of balance? Engage your entire being -- face this like a marathon – use these tips to support the long run:


Pace Yourself so you don’t burnout. If you already feel burnout consider where to source fresh energy. Fill your cup visualizing earth energy flowing up into your body through the soles of your feet and cosmic energy flowing down into your body through the crown of your head.


Relax your thoughts. With your eyes closed, reel in your attention line and focus your inner gaze up to your crown, aligning with your intentions and purpose. This way you don’t lose energy to others running or to the judges. Reflect on other times you’ve overcome a challenge. Get grounded in your body.


Focus on the present moment. Look around to take in the beauty. Let the good parts and nature inspire gratitude. Call your energy back to you and watch it flow into your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, filling you up.


Notice who is cheering you on or dragging you down. Set energy boundaries for yourself by visualizing your aura bubble and putting up a “protection rose” to filter out the downers. Cheer others on.

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