Calling on Angels and Guides

May 20, 2015

Angels and guides are available at any time to help you. They are tuned-in to the vibrational manifestation of your soul and respond to your prayers and requests for assistance from the spirit world. These high-frequency souls do not get bound to fulfill a specific task nor do they attach themselves to a human’s energy field. They are simply available to help you, if you ask. Therefore your soul agreements with them are initiated by your requests.

Angels are healing and protective entities that will come to your aid. They have always been in the angelic form and only intervene under a few circumstances. Angels come at your request, from the prayers another has made on your behalf, or to protect/direct you in order to insure you fulfill your soul’s destiny. This third way I consider as the Angel following an order from the Divine. One of the simple everyday ways I feel Angels come to my aid is when driving. Many times I’ve felt an angelic presence step in between my car and another vehicle to prevent an accident.

Spirit guides are different than Angels in that their soul has lived in a human body in the past. They learned deep lessons in human form and have wisdom available to assist those living. These souls have decided not to reincarnate into a body but to provide assistance from the spirit world. Because they have lived before they have a vast spectrum of experience for you to draw upon. They also only engage with you at your request and don’t attach themselves to a human’s energy field.

Your agreements with angels and guides are created by request and from a desire for a positive outcome. You create a soul agreement with an Angel to provide protection or assist in healing in various forms. Angels also are representatives of the Divine and ultimately may show up to provide a function or deliver a message on behalf of the Divine.

A guide is different in that it is there to offer wisdom and point us in a direction that is important for our life path. Guides have a variety of knowledge from their soul’s experience. They can bring us expertise in areas that we need for different parts of our life. If you want, you can have a spiritual board of directors, or spiritual counsel that is made up of several guides who assist from the spirit world on different subjects. For example you may have a guide you work with to help you with your creative expression like music or writing. And another guide who provides assistance in parenting or with specific skills required for your employment.

In your relationship with Angels and guides, you are always in the drivers seat. The soul agreements are at your request and may be for a moment or for a long period of time. But they will never try to intrude on your physical body space. You can call on them and call them by name if you have a specific Angel or guide you would like to work with to support your life.

  • Whitt says:

    Thank you for this today, Natalie.

  • Dorothy says:

    I am so excited to read about angels and spirit guides to help me with my move to the coast. I need help finding a safe and loving place for me and my lovely granddaughter to live. Thank you angels and spirit guides for being so willing to help us with this adventure on this planet.

    • Natalie says:

      Dorothy, wishing you all that you ask for and more goodness than you imagine! The lovely thing is that angels and guides are only an intentional thought or conversation away. And that means we can reach them at any time.

  • Dorothy says:

    My move to the coast did not turn out the way I had hoped for but I have faith in the universe that it did turn out the way the universe had in mind. I am back where I started at but that is okay sometimes when we don’t get what we wanted there is a reason. I am thankful for the reminder of the fact that we have angels and spirit guides because sometimes I feel alone on this journey and having guides to ask for help is comforting. Sometimes I think God expects way too much of us humans.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Dorothy, I’m sorry your move didn’t open up the new energy you were hoping for. I feel often that God is much more neutral than we give him/her credit for, and doesn’t see things as positive or negative in the way that us humans do. I firmly believe that the more we focus on something, such as a belief positive or negative, the greater the odds are of it coming to be. It sounds like you are keeping your intentions in a positive place regardless of the circumstances. I truly believe that there is spiritual support available and often we have no idea how it “could have” turned out if we hadn’t asked! Big Hug!

  • I’d love to hear more about how to talk with my angels and spirit guides. I remember as a child talking with them, but its been a long time.

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