Energy Hooks or Whacks sent in Texts & Emails

February 23, 2020
Stressful Email, Mean Text, Angry Comment

You can feel it, the text that hooks you or shifts your focus to something besides what you were focused on. The post comment that you can’t forget about as you scroll. The email zinger that that leaves you drained, wondering what it will take to get remotivated to do something you had felt on track about a minute ago.

What you feel is the energy attached to the words. Energy is always moving between people. Like waves of the ocean, sometimes calm it tickles your toes at the beach bringing a smile to your face, other times stormy an undertow creating a knot in your stomach.

Clearly you don’t need to be in the same room with someone to sense their energy. In fact, often when a person is not clear or courageous enough to speak their truth directly, it leaks out in the energy behind their text, social or email communications. It can feel icky, sticky or downright mean.

You find yourself thinking about it later. It’s hard to shake because the energy stuck to you. They dumped it, threw it, or inadvertently passed it on. You encounter these tricky frequencies all the time and it takes practice to gain neutrality so that energy doesn’t get to you and continue to disturb your peace.

If you are a sensitive person, you’re more likely to be affected by the energy behind words or what is left unspoken in-personal encounters. It is because you’re empathically reading the energy. The energy itself wants to move, so it tends to either spin in your head disrupting your focus, spin in your belly disrupting where you use your power, or get sent to someone else. Letting go of toxic energy whether it comes from friends, family or coworkers is tricky too.

There are two key things you need to practice so the energy doesn’t undermine your life when you are sensitive to negative energy:

  1. Neutrality—so the energy doesn’t get to you, hook you or throw you off
  2. Clean Outs—so the energy that does get to you, moves out without causing others or yourself harm

To increase your neutrality, pay attention to when energy is off in a communication you receive, rather than just brushing it off as nothing. Brushing it off as nothing lets it get to you as you undermine your seniority when you doubt your intuition. When you notice a zinger on someone’s communication, visualize soaking the energy off of it with a sponge. Then in your minds eye send that sponge a distance away from you and dissolve it with the intention that no harm is done. Now you can look at the message without it’s charged energy and decide how to respond, if at all.

If the energy from someone’s communication does get to you, it is important to clean it out of your space as soon as possible, so it doesn’t drain or redirect your energy for an extended period of time. You can do this by noticing where the energy is felt in your body—is it in your head, your heart, your belly? Then visualize vacuuming the negative energy out of that part of your body. This time, send the vacuum cleaner bag to a faraway place. Put a release hose on it, and drain the energy with the intention that it is recycled with no harm done.

By acknowledging the energy you encounter—negative, positive, or neutral— you strengthen your sixth sense. Add neutrality and clean outs so you can avoid those energy zingers. They’ll fly right by leaving you unscathed.

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