2020 Manifestation Workshop

Set Goals, Manifest, New Years Resolution

2020 is the Year to Nurture Your Destiny

Dream Big, Live from Your Heart
& Manifest with Intention

The first Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of the decade on January 10, 2020 will be in the sign of Cancer. It asks you to turn inward and attune to your needs. Receptive, fertile and sensitive, this energy want's a container to feel secure - in other words, it wants you to hold space (the container) for your intentions (self care).

The next day January 11, the Moon will be in a supportive trine to Neptune in Pisces a creative time to dream big with celestial support. How does it get better than this? 

January 12 the Moon moves into Leo to help you activate your heart, light your inner-fire and have courage to step into your dreams with playfulness.

Boundaries, Protection, Aura Bubble

Timing is everything -- intentional beginnings have a potent influence on how an experience will manifest.

This powerful 3 day workshop will help you get clear, make your desires known to the Universe and uplevel your soul contract to match your consciouse choices.

Through the creating your personal ritual, you will envoke sensory pleasures, lift your vibration and support your intended creations. This workshop will take you out of your head and into your heart -- the pathway that energizes fullfillment at the soul level.

Is your heart yearning to step into your destiny in a bigger way?
Say YES to its longing.

Ask the Universe for what you desire.

January 10-12, be guided in a manifestation ritual aligned with the potent energies beginning this new Decade. Practice steps you can use over-and-over again on your own, at any pivotal time in your life.

Join Intuitive Healer and Master Manifestor

Natalie Cutsforth

for a powerful little workshop

Manifest with Intention
a Guided 3 Day Ritual for the New Year & Decade

The workshop takes place in three LIVE online teaching sessions
all recorded for viewing at a time that works for you

Whether you simply want more clarity, or you have a big dream to manifest -- rituals shift energy! In this workshop I will walk you through the steps that align your soul (purpose) with your body (action), mind (choice) and heart (emotion). Sharing practices to tune-in to your guidance and removing blocks to fully receive. Practices you can use for years to come.

We'll start on Friday evening January 10 so you can put the tools to use over the weekend while you bathe in the afterglow of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We'll meet via Zoom Video Conference for about an hour each day to activate your manifestation and tune-in to your guidance. All sessions will be taught LIVE and recorded, replay's available to watch at your leisure.

  • DAY 1 Prepare to Start Your Ritual – January 10, Friday 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

  • DAY 2 Manifest with Intention – January 11, Saturday 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

  • DAY 3 Tune In to Your Guidance - January 12, Sunday 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern

Are You Ready to Nurture Your Destiny?

Say "Yes" to YOUR Vision

3 Day Workshop ONLY $129


Natalie’s workshops are amazing. I personally benefited from her 3 Day Ritual to Manifest with Intention workshop that helped me to gain focused intention to create balance for my life and career. I have already taken the jump of faith to leave my soul crushing corporate job and now I look forward to what I can create bringing balance and joy.

Sheryl W.Banker


I am so glad to have Natalie as a guide. Her online coursework has helped me understand how to better manifest what I want. She cuts through the illusions to help me find hidden deep inner meaning to my experiences... gives me the clarity and tools to continue the work.

Scott V. Chiropractor


Natalie's class was absolutely incredible - I was blown away by the content. Not only was the information extremely valuable, I am impressed with how clearly and coherently it was organized and presented. Natalie is a deeply trusted and grounded source of guidance, illumination, and clarity.

Tracey R. Artist

Talk to Angels, Blessed, Intuitive Healer

I am Natalie Cutsforth, an intuitive healer and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. My courses are built on over two decades of personal practice and a decade of seeing clients in private sessions. Through this I have recognized patterns in the energy world. In addition, I have received feedback from clients and students on what creates lasting healing and personal transformation. Join me to activate your soul destiny.

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