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Active Meditation Training: Meditation for Living
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The tools offered in this audio training transformed my life. I use them every day. They have helped me set boundaries so I feel more at peace as a sensitive — whether it is encountering the energy of co-workers in an office, surrounded by strangers at a concert, or relating with my family. These meditation tools can be used anywhere, anytime. The more you use them the clearer your intuition becomes.

The process is “active”; the techniques redirect your busy mind toward changing your energy and creating what you want, instead of anxiety and stress. The power of your attention and intention is focused toward experiencing calm and clarity, the vibrations where your answers lie, and your path becomes clear.

  • Learn easy, effective skills to relax, recharge, and find emotional balance
  • Create energetic boundaries to better take care of yourself and your relationships
  • Clear blocks to growth and release old patterns that hold you back
  • Effectively direct the power of intention
  • Be amazed with your results!

Create your day and transform your life with Active Meditation!

*Meditation for Living was created by Lauren Skye and Inner Connection Institute. Product resold with permission.

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