What Happens When You Die?

January 23, 2019
Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Reincarnation

What happens when you die? Most spiritual traditions have answers for this illusive question that require performance to achieve a status in the afterlife. To arrive at your reward or punishment, the destination of heaven or hell, you must believe, you must behave in certain ways, follow rules. Even atheists have a belief about death, that nothing persists when you die.

As one who looks at many souls, I see it differently. Your soul persists. Birthed as a fragment of the Divine life force, pure light — you’ve been having experiences in many forms for many lifetimes.

When your body dies, your soul leaves it and enters a portal of choice. You may choose to linger a little longer to energetically support or witness your loved ones. You may go to the threshold between lives to design the life you’d like to experience next or wait for other souls you want to connect with or have karmic agreements to meet in another lifetime.

There are things you get to experience in a body that you don’t when in your soul state. Touch, taste, smell, sound, sight and emotions are all body experiences. The body is a wonderful vessel to explore these experiences.

As you navigate your life ask, “What do I want to experience?” All choices and actions have consequences. Consequences aren’t necessarily good or bad, they are simply the outcome of a choice.

Suffering is a consequence of blindly following social or religious beliefs and rules that aren’t true for you. Focus your energy on what your soul would like to experience — and add a dash of kindness — to have a fulfilled life. The movie, “The Bucket List” touches so many people deeply because it speaks to what the soul desires to experience beyond the rules or what the mind believes is possible.

Your soul’s persistence means that you carry with you the results of past experiences. Some that were left unresolved.  Experiences you may not consciously remember, still impact you now. Seeking to resolve unresolved experiences — such as a relationship that ended too soon, harm done TO you or BY you to another soul — unconsciously drives many choices. Your soul has made agreements with other souls and has a soul contract for this lifetime.

You can set your soul free to create new experiences by healing your soul memories, releasing karma and updating your soul contracts. The more in alignment you are with your soul’s intention the more at peace you will feel.

In choosing your experiences, don’t discount the spiritual principles that help you have a more peaceful experience in your body. Offering kindness to yourself and others. Choosing to forgive, love, honor others, have healthy boundaries.

Your soul persists. Experiences are the only thing you take with you when you die. Make it good!

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