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Room For Good Energy

Natalie —  January 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Energy is everywhere.  Each physical space we enter has its own energy signature. This vibration is influenced by the thoughts, actions and emotions of whoever has passed through the building or room.  Spiritual energy is like air, invisibly surrounding us at all times.  We breathe in air molecules and our body uses the oxygen but expels the other gases we do not need.  We don’t think about what is happening.  The lungs brilliantly convert the air to feed our blood and fuel every bodily function.  At higher altitudes there is less oxygen in the air.  Our muscles move slower because it takes more breathes for the lungs to collect the oxygen needed to move.  In a similar way, the spiritual energy in a space directly influences our vitality.  A room that is clear and in alignment with our vibration will support a sense of ease.  One that is not, may generate an lower vibration in the mind and body. 

Some buildings or rooms contain negative residual vibrations of grief, depression, jealousy, anger, violence or pain.  The spirit wants to crawl up out of the body to escape the energetic pollution.  In response we may day-dream, experience physical exhaustion or begin feeling one of the emotions left in the room or building.  I’ve walked into offices where there was a blanket of depression and passive aggressive energy, homes where depression or pain meets you at the door, gathering places where the joyous intentions of past groups raised the entire vibration of the building.  When we find ourselves in a space that is lowering our energy it is in our best interest to leave or change the experience.

It is easy to clear energy is a space without interfering with the boundaries of others who share that space.  Start by visualizing a large rose with a very long stem in the center of the room or building.  See the stem of the rose deeply rooted into the earth.  Imagine a golden thread from each of the top four corners of the room running down and connecting to the blossom of the rose.  Do the same from the bottom four corners. Intend that you own this space while present so that your experience of it will match your vibration, not the other way around.  In doing so you will find that you are able to have a deeper peace while you are in the room or building.  This exercise is also helpful to use before bed in your bedroom if you are having trouble falling asleep.

In today’s world the analytical mind is king while trusting intuition is judged as emotional and subjective.   This cerebral approach to life attempts to figure things out and feel in control.  Recent natural and man-made disasters have drawn to our attention the reality that humans do not have control over planet Earth.  We can forecast the weather and volcanic eruptions, build dykes to protect us from tidal changes and use science to perform feats such as drilling for oil at great depths of the ocean, but this does not put us in control of the forces of nature.  As long as we are not personally impacted by a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami we are able to live in denial, believing that technology will save us from the realities of our environment.  Our belief in science has distracted us from true intuitive power that comes with alignment to the vibration of the Earth.

The human body is amazing in its capacity to understand and process an exceptional quantity of data.   We have unintentionally detached from our primal-sensory nature through educational programming that validates the analytical mind combined with the many conveniences science and technology provide.  Opportunities to touch the Earth and feel its pulse are not part of our daily lifestyle.  Because of this we’ve lost contact with a facet of our intuitive capacity, experiencing a sense of separation from Mother Nature.  When we take time to be in non-manmade environments we increase our access to inner guidance.  A hike, mountain bike ride or work in the garden, saturate the visual auditory and sensory facilities with a neutral form of energy.  Nature is chaotic and extremely organized in a material as well as spiritual sense.  This reminds us of the invisible aspects of our Self. 

By immersing in the Earth’s vibration we tune-in to a primal side of our human nature.  The aspect of our energy that can sense when lightening is about to strike, as the hair on our arms stands on end.  In the city we are swallowed up in a stream of news, whether it is fact, fiction or entertainment, it draws our attention away from our inner guidance.  It keeps our focus pointed externally rather than internally.  Mother Nature is the ultimate cleanser of psychic space.  Her wild wide-open spaces download the information inundation that has clogged our receptors with predominantly useless data.  The simple act of being in nature, regardless of the activity or inactivity of our body, can be an intentional form of meditation.  When we see a hawk, daisy or the bark on an aspen tree we presence ourselves to beauty, resilience and simplicity. 

The fire hose of data constantly inundating our life can be exhausting and overwhelming.  It makes us want to crawl back into our shell, tune-out, take a break.  The most vibrant place to take that break is in Mother Nature.  Connection to the Earth’s vibration helps us align to the part of ourselves that is chronically being overridden by an analytical minded environment.  Mother Nature offers us a healing of sensory overload and provides clearer access to our inner guidance.  Let us receive her gift.