Lavender Sunset Retreat 2023

Lavender Sunset Transformational Retreat
a beautiful time and space to invision your life anew

Embrace Your Inner Magic with Sacred Play, Ritual & Personal Vision Quest
guided by Natalie Cutsforth Intuitive Reader, Healer & Mentor

WHERE: Natalie's Lavender Farm near Bend, Oregon

WHEN: July 28-August 1, 2023

Lavender Fields, Lavender Farm Retreat, Psychic Retreat


  • Tune into your inner-guidance and explore your sixth-sensory mysteries, as you make smudge sticks and watch the sunset over lavender.
  • Discover a new vision for your soul path or update your old vision, so you head home feeling inspired and on purpose.
  • Rejuvinate your spirit with ritual and sacred play, to fill your energetic cup while you receive insights and healing.
  • Bask in the beauty of lavender and the sweet relaxing aroma, to activate your crown chakra awareness and spiritual awakening.
  • Spend in-person time on sacred land learning and growing with Natalie, to deepen your commitment to your soul path.

Do you experience personal growth cycles that lead to healing and new awareness, then skip the celebration?  

Personal growth can be joyful and more juicy when held in an intentional container with witnesses. 

That’s exactly why I created the Lavender Sunset Retreat.

Celebrate all that you have become and are becoming.

Open your third-eye to a new or updated vision for your soul path on retreat this summer.


  • Group Reading and Healings with Natalie on two days, amplify your individual insight as the group questions contribute to collective healing.
  • Sacred Play Day receive multiple mystical and healing exeperiences from Bend's most gifted healers: tarot reading, crystal healing, henna tattoo, massage, shamanic clearing, channeling, flower crown making and more
  • Daily Guided Visualization + Ritual to activate your vision, including a mini-Vision Quest
  • Lavender Magic Altar Kit - receive a altar starter kit, learn to make your own lavender smudge sticks and watch lavender oil distill, taking some home
  • Waterfall Walk - explore the Deschutes river walking to a nearby waterfall with picnic lunch
  • Nourish Body and Soul - soak in the beauty of lavender sunset dinners with healthy local food and community of kindred spirits
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Unwind from the intensity on the world to attune to what your soul is here to do in these wild times on Earth.

I’ll make it easy on you. I love tapping into psychic guidance and I love helping other people do it too – so let’s explore the mysteries together on my farm.

Imagine yourself in the high desert of Central Oregon, immersed in your own sacred ritual, honoring your soul’s evolution while a playful series of magical experiences open you to your personal soul vision.

My Lavender farm is the PERFECT place to spend  four and a half days filling your cup.

Both rugged and beautiful, with a breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountain range, this MAGICAL land will hold you while you connect to your soul path. 

Leave the experience relaxed and refreshed. 

This is a small group retreat, registration capped to insure each participant has a magical experience, so save your spot ASAP before it's gone

I'm Natalie Cutsforth your guide...

An Intuitive reader, healer, mentor and facilitator of life changing transformation with clients all over the world. I make mystical practices accessible, teaching energy awareness and sacred ritual while weaving in my unique understanding of the divine mysteries.

I'm also a lavender farmer who deeply believes in doing my part to care for the Earth. 

Let me help you decode your inner-mysteries, and activate your vision to add meaning to your soul path.  

I hold retreats because intentional time of self-care while listening to your inner-guidance stimulates profound ah-ha moments and leads to deeper life fullfillment.

This is the inaugral retreat on my farm which I purchased in 2017 and took possession of immediately after the Total Solar Eclipse that directly passed over this property.

My partner and I have worked hard to heal the land from neglect and now its time to share it with you. Expect to be on a working farm with rugged and beautiful aspects. 


Friday July 28

Saturday July 29

Sunday July 30

Monday July 31

Tuesday August 1

  • Welcome Circle in Yurt
  • Get familiar with the farm
  • Meet other participants
  • Receive Altar Starter Kit
  • Appetizers & Mingle
  • Guided Visualization
  • Begin Your 4 Day Ritual
  • Make Lavender Smudge Sticks
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Walk the Land
  • Freetime
  • Group Reading & Healing
  • Gong Bath Sound Healing
  • Lavender Sunset Dinner
  • Guided Visualization
  • Day 2 Ritual Practice
  • Walk to the Waterfall
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Sacred Play Day: crystal healing, tarot, channeled readings, henna tattoo, massage, shamanic clearing, flower crown making
  • Mocktails and Nibbles
  • Guided Visualization
  • Day 3 Ritual Practice
  • Mini-Vision Quest
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Freetime
  • Group Reading & Healing
  • Yoga
  • Lavender Sunset Dinner
  • Guided Visualization
  • Day 4 Ritual Practice
  • Distill Lavender Oil
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Freetime
  • Closing Circle
  • Rooftop Restaurant

Every aspect of this five day retreat is designed to fill your cup and give you a clearer sense of your own vision. 

  • Friday afternoon you will meet in a yurt on my land for the welcome circle, to get familiar with the layout of the farm, meet other participants and receive your welcome altar starter kit. 
  • You’ll have appetizers and mingle.
  • Each day you’ll start in the yurt with guided visualization.
  • Saturday you’ll begin your four-day ritual, where you create space and hold space for your vision.
  • With your intentions in mind, move to the lavender field and harvest lavender to make your own smudge sticks. You’ll sit in the shade to wrap lavender rose petal smudge sticks with colorful thread and positive energy. 
  • A healthly lunch will be provided followed by a walk around the land, to get to know the different areas available to you. 
  • You will have freetime after lunch before Natalie taps into spirit for a group reading and healing.
  • Integrate these experiences as you receive a sound healing, gong bath. 
  • Then have dinner watching the sunset over the lavender field.
  • Sunday is your Sacred Play Day! After the morning guided visualization and day two ritual practice. You’ll go offsite to walk along the Deschutes river where there is a beautiful waterfall.
  • You’ll have a box lunch to picnic at the park while the magic is prepared for you back at the farm. 
  • This afternoon at the farm you will have mini-mystical experiences to explore, from tarot reading in the magic school bus, to shamanic clearing in the tipi, crystal healings, massage, henna tattoo, channeled readings, flower crown making and more.
  • With mocktails and nibbles to keep you refreshed and energized.
  • Monday you vision deeper. Fueled by your insights from divine play, day three ritual.
  • I will lead you on a mini-vision quest, then send you out to find a quiet space on the land to listen deeply to your heart's desires.
  • After a healthy lunch you will have freetime for a couple hours before returning to the yurt for another group reading and healing session.
  • Integrate your spirit awareness with a gentle yoga practice before enjoying dinner as the sunsets over the lavender field.
  • Tuesday our final day together is the full moon. Day four of your ritual, where you bless your vision forward.
  • You’ll find your way back back to the lavender field to experience the process of distilling oil from the flowers. Take home a sample of the sacred oil and sweet dream lavender mist we create together.
  • A healthy lunch will be followed by freetime and spontaneity.
  • We’ll gather for a closing circle in the afternoon.
  • Then take our energy out into the world for some fun offsite at a rooftop restaurant in town that has a beautiful view. Appetizers will be provided as we celebrate our time together on the final night.

Mini-mystical experiences that tap into your divine nature with skilled healers, artists and visionaries.

Hilary Hurst, Tarot Reader, Sacred Play
Angela Goodstien, Crystal Healing, Sacred Play
Barb Largent, Shamanic Clearing, Sacred Play
Annie Cattabriga-Alosa , Channeling, Sacred Play
Melanie Fisher, Henna Body Art, Sacred Play
Summer Robbins, Flower Crowns, Sacred Play
Annemarie Cosier, Sound Healing, Sacred Play
Yoga Retreat, Integration, Personal Transformation


Set in the high desert of central Oregon, my 20+ acre farm was extablished over 100 years ago with water rights from the Deschutes river, just half a mile to the west of the farm.  When I purchased this farm in the summer of 2017 the property was so rundown the owner sold it "as-is" because it would not qualify for a loan.

I'm nostalgic when it comes to old farms with silvered barn wood and rustic features that have survived many generations. I knew it would be a lot of work and had love blinders on BUT the land called to me.

10,000 years ago the Cascade Mountain range had a volcanic eruption that set the lavaflow bedrock for this land. Thousands of years later the farm fields are natural sediment areas that became fertile soil as the water ran down to what's now the Deschutes River.

Part of what drew me to this land was its ecological diversity for this region. There are three-hundred year old juniper trees out back. Native bunch grass and moss on lava rocks that is black when its dry and turns bright green with moisture. I call it mood moss because it reminds me of a mood ring. 

The lower lying pasture, has a horse shoe shaped sandy area that is surrounded by juniper trees.

The big flat farm field is where we planted 1234 lavender babies in 2022 and rye grain in 2021. In front of the house to the south west is our first lavender patch 400 plants, planted in 2020-2021. We have a long barn that was originally build to house chickens. Plus a fruit orchard that we hope bears fruit for the first time this year - trees planted 2018-2020.

My partner Ramson created a VERY large medicine wheel shaped garden when we moved here, fenced in to keep the curious deer out. The raised beds built on the lava flow are shaped with lava rocks gathered from the land. He keeps adding more garden beds each year. In 2020 we got chickens for farm fresh eggs. The coop Ramson built is so fancy people think its a tiny home. Several years back we acquired a magic school bus from a friend. It is another work in progress but making its way to become our adult-play house.

The flood irrigation will be flowing for two days of the retreat. It makes for a beautiful bubbling brook down to the lower pasture when we water the field near our meeting spot. 

As you consider your retreat here, know that this is a working farm. There will be many natural rugged imperfections 🙂 materials we use for the garden, firewood piles, farm equipment, a greenhouse, burn pile, tumble weeds and more. This is part of the old farm's charm providing earthy grounded energy you get to exeperience.

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Lavender Field Sunset, Kuan Yin Statue, Spiritual Retreat 2023
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Question: Is lodging included in the retreat? 

Answer: No. There are several options for lodging nearby. I have created a list of recommendations for you that will be provide upon registration plus have a travel service available to assist in your travel plans.

Question: What is the best airport to fly into?

Answer: Bend/Redmond Airport (RDM) is very convenient at 7 minutes from the farm. Portland International Airport (PDX) is three hours drive from the retreat location but an option as well.

Question: What meals are included in the retreat?

Answer: Participants will be provided lunch Saturday through Tuesday. Full Dinner Saturday and Monday evening. Appetizers on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. Breakfast is on your own. We’ll accommodate dietary restrictions to our best ability.

Question: Do I need to rent a car?

Answer: We will have a van available to pick you up at the RDM airport and transport to your hotel if it is in Redmond or Eagle Crest. We will shuttle participants from Hotel’s in Redmond to the property each day. There's only one taxi in Redmond. Ubers are more common in Bend but not like in a city. You may want a car if you would like more freedom or choose lodging outside of the Redmond /Eagle Crest area.

Question: How physically fit do I need to be to participate? 

Answer: This is a light physical activity retreat. The farm has uneven walking terrain in places so sturdy shoes are encouraged. The walk to the waterfall is about a 30 minute round trip flat dirt trail with someuneven surfaces. Yoga practice will not be strenuous and is optional. There will be backjacks for seating in the yurt with a few camp chairs if floor seating doesn't work for you.

Question: Will I get to take lavender home with me?

Answer: Yes, you will take home the lavender smudge bundles you make and a share of the oil and lavender mist we make when distilling.

Question: What if I’m not good at meditation?

Answer: All the meditation will be guided. I invite you to use your imagination to follow the verbal clues whether you see, hear or just imagine it. There’s no wrong way. The intent is to support a sense of inner-peace and connection to yourself.

Question: Will Natalie be offering private sessions at the retreat? 

Answer: No, there will be two group readings where all participants will get a chance to ask a question. If you want a private in-person session consider a VIP day before or after the retreat.

Question: What is the weather like in Central Oregon in July?

Answer: The summer weather is beautiful for peak lavender bloom late July. Average temperature high of 85 degrees, overnight lows of 48 degrees. All retreat activities will be outside and shaded, except when in the lavender fields.

Question: What else can I do when in the area?

Answer: Central Oregon is a vacation destination for many in the summer due to its natural beauty. Hike in Smith Rock State Park, at Elk Lake or along the Deschutes river. Float the Deschutes river through Bend on inner-tubes, its flowing slow and easy in July. Rent a mountain bike to explore the many bike trails. Visit the lava tubes.  Wander the High Desert Museum, see playful river otters and birds of prey up close, plus learn about the Warm Springs Native American history in the area. Look at the concert schedule as lots of great musicians come through the area and play at small venues.


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"The retreat was beyond magical!

It really shifted my heart and opened my soul to a whole new level of being... my heart feels truly full and blessed."
~ Amy

"It strengthened my self-awareness... 

The experience was liberating. It allowed me to deepen my relationship with myself and my lil family."
~ Tiffany

"The energy was fabulous. Definitely raised my vibration."
~ Carol

"Natalie is a wise teacher who decodes the mysteries."
~ Durga

"During the retreat and after I returned home, in terms of my "inner-state" I felt a sense of confidence, calmness and also a renewed ability to speak my truth"

"It was delicious! I'm so thankful to have new tools."

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  • When you've reserved your spot, you will receive a confirmation email with a retreat questionnaire and travel recommendations.
  • Soon after, you will hear from Natalie's assistant Tracy to coordinate on details and answer your questions.
  • Airfare and lodging NOT included in retreat price. Lunches and Dinner's INCLUDED. Ground Transportation from RDM airport and local hotels to retreat location INCLUDED. Check out the FAQ section for full details.
  • REFUND POLICY: Your retreat deposit is non-refundable. Payment beyond the deposit will be refundable up till May 31, 2023.
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Picture yourself standing in a field of lavender, taking a big inhale and letting it all go. 

Letting go of your responsibilities, stress, uncertainty and need to care for others. 

Your soul longs for a vision, to feel depth and to cultivate joy in your life. 

Say YES to all of this when you sign-up for the Lavender Sunset Retreat.

Don't miss this chance, as a small group retreat, spaces will fill up fast.

Embrace Your Inner Magic with Sacred Play, Vision Quest and Ritual
July 28- August 1, 2023

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