Laughter Might Just Save Us

June 29, 2020
Psychic Humor, Laughter, Stress Relief

People laugh when they are nervous not just when something is funny. The laughter rattles loose sticky particles of heavy energy. It helps us face uncomfortable topics. Laughing releases endorphins in the brain that give us an energy rush and relieve pain.

Energy is heavy in the world right now. Laughter might just save us.

We need to laugh. Not to devalue the serious topics at hand but to heal. The vibration of laughter releases dense or stuck energy in our energy field. Just as the heart softens after a good cry, laughter releases heavy energy we’ve been carrying too.

When you sense the energy around you or in the world, you are literally taking a sample to better understand what is happening. That is what senses are for, input sensors to help us navigate.

The energy inputs are heavy right now. In normal circumstances when life is heavy, we can fill our cup with connection, live music, hugs, parties, dancing, eating together, traveling. Now all of these energy exchanges that lift us up are restricted or totally unavailable. But we can still laugh!

If laughter is too much to muster, a little amusement is a good place to start. Look at what’s happening in the world with some amusement. Lighten things up when you are social distancing. Recently a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile said, “I love you but try not to spit on me!” It got us giggling instantly.

Your senses are amazing! You smell a rose. Feel its thorn prick your finger. Taste blood on your finger tip. Hear a robin sing nearby. See it fly to a treetop. Your stomach tightens when you sense someone’s anger and relaxes when you laugh. That’s sensing energy.

It is funny that few people acknowledge the existence of energy as a sense and treat observations of energy as crazy or speculative. It literally is the elephant in the room for empaths. We sense the energy while others deny it. That means we can lead the way to lighten the energy with humor.

Energy is different than other senses. Its signal is systemic. In other words, there is not one organ that is doing the sensing of energy, instead it’s your whole aura field. Hence, letting laughter rattle loose every cell that’s saturated is the fastest way to lift the heavies.

The brain gets input from the five senses and sorts them out quickly identifying the input with memories, such as the smell of a rose, the song of a robin. But inputs to the brain from energy are not as straightforward to translate.

People hide their true feelings, to avoid vulnerability or conflict. The energy leaks out but the words and expressions send a different message. You intuitively read the energy that conflicts with the direct message from your five senses, a conflicted message full of dense energy.

Laughter moves energy by sending a clear message to the brain. The message, heavy energy is not life threatening. It can be shifted with one good laugh.

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