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  • LESSON 1 - Today Discover if you are you an Intuitive, Empath or Energy Healer Sensory type and why it matters
  • LESSON 2 - May 1 Create Your Energy Boundaries, 5 Steps to Set and Protect Your Energy
  • LESSON 3 - May 3 How to Recongize Energy Leaks (whacks, cords, hooks, leeches and vampires) + 3 Ways your Energy Gets Drained so you can stop it from happening
  • LIVE Q&A - May 5 Join me on video conference to ask your questions and share your experiences
Meditation, Energy Sensitive, Reduce Stress

A little bit of my story...

I was born with a strong empathic sense but I did not know what that was until I had struggled for many years with feeling "too much" of the energy around me.  Fortunately my parents validated what I sensed as they are both highly sensitive too, but they didn't know how to teach me boundaries with other people's energy. They avoided feeling too much, either drinking or praying it away. 

I married young and at 28 years old my relationship was failing. Divorce awakened a need to understand myself and find peace. I became aware that I knew things others didn't know and started studying the world of energy for my own healing and clarity. Once I healed enough to help others, I started seeing clients as a clairvoyant and teaching other energy sensitives. This training is my gift to you in hopes that it sets you on the path to greater self-awareness and the inner peace that I have found.

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