Chemistry, Relationship Karma & Karmic Debt

December 30, 2021
Relationship Karma, Chemistry, Soul Mate

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newtons Third Law

Karma is the soul’s equivalent of the action reaction we set into motion in the universe. Yet isn’t always instant, it can follow us from one lifetime to the next.

You have karma with family, friends, enemies, lovers, people you have unfinished business with in this life or past lives. Where you’ve had intimate connection, conflict or another charged energy exchange, there’s karma.

We all have karmic relationships. In fact, every one of your relationships is a place where you exchange energy with action and reaction, thus create karma. Think of karma like consequences. Not all good or bad. Some choices have amazing consequences some have undesirable consequences.

One of my teachers said, most people feel their marriage is over when they resolve the karma but the truth is, they are just at a point where they have to choose if the relationship is what they want to invest in or not. Karma makes a romantic relationship feel hot, spicy, charged with energy.

Dare I say, karma creates chemistry. The reason chemistry is a mystery beyond pheromones and physical attraction is karma. Two souls have a familiarity, they recognize each other. They are drawn together by the karmic energy. When you hear someone refer to a beloved as their soul mate or twin flame, it’s karma.

You have karma with many other souls. It can be confusing if you feel a kanrmic connection and the other person doesn’t. When you have a soul contract – a karmic agreement from another lifetime – either of you may have made choices before your encounter in this lifetime, that changes your relationship karma.

It could be that one of you has a different soul plan for this lifetime. Or that one of you isn’t in alignment with your soul path so you disregard signs and synchronicities that try to put you on track.

Karma is such a powerful earth experience it keeps souls coming back for more. It lights your passion, pressures you to take risks, teaches you lessons you’d rather not have to learn.

The more conscious you are of the karmic exchanges in your life, the better your chance to benefit from there synchronicity. Karma will attract you to a person important to your soul path, whether the karma agreement is difficult or easy.

If you are in a negative karmic pattern with someone, you can release it. For example, a person who takes more from you than they give in return, owes you a karmic debt. Getting the “pay back” for karmic debt isn’t always a great thing. Attempts to rebalance karmic debt often create more debt.

To clear karma there has to be a release in BOTH directions. This means you can’t say, “you owe me” and also, “leave me alone.” No hooks, no cords no karmic debts, in either direction.

Neutralizing karma from an energetically charged relationship in your life is very powerful. And it can also come with some sadness, grief or sense of feeling deflated. Why? Because karma is energy and when you release the charged energy imbalance, you don’t have anything left to resist, resent or react to. No more drama.

Relationship karma is energy in motion. If you notice a relationship with someone in your life has lost its luster, it may just be that you’ve cleared your karma and need to choose another purpose for your energy together. If you are feeling dull and you can’t find your passion, ask your spirit guides for assistance attracting a supportive karmic relationship. It makes life fun.

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