Psychic Self-Confidence 5 Day Challenge

You Can Have Psychic Self-Confidence with
15 minutes of Practice in 5 Days

Trust Your Intuition, Learn Psychic Skills, 5 Day Challenge
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Do you have strong intuition yet wonder WHY you doubt it, WHERE the energy you sense is coming from or WHAT to do with it? 

In just 15 minutes a day - I'll guide you through simple tools to help you get CLEAR, feel CONFIDENT and KNOW the best course of action to take with your insights.

These are easy to remember steps you can use over and over again to build your psychic self-confidence.

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5 Days to Psychic Self-Confidence Steps

  • DAY 1 - Take Seniority Over Your Psychic Space
  • DAY 2 - Get Clear, Banish Doubt and Disregard of Your Insights
  • DAY 3 - Identify the Source of the Energy You Sense
  • DAY 4 - See How Unwanted Energy Got in Your Space
  • DAY 5 - Know What Needs to Be Done and Take Action

I’m Natalie, your mentor

When I was working at a tech company, surrounded by stressed-out co-workers, I escaped to the gym on my lunch hour. . . and not because I loved the treadmill.

By noon every day, I felt overwhelmed from sensing the stress, anger, and anxiety present in the building. I didn’t know what to do with it. Working out was the only way I could think to release some of the energy that was weighing me down.

The gym helped, but I needed a longer-lasting solution. So I started to study energy.

For a dozen years, two parallel paths transformed my life while I maintained my business career: Studying under my spiritual mentor, Dawn Eagle Woman, and learning to understand my psychic nature with training and practice. 

Now, 27 years later, I teach other intuitively aware people, using what’s worked for me to help them create a sustainable practice that allows them to live fully as their authentic selves—without sacrificing their mental or physical health.

Sacred Mentor, Empath Strength Training, Stress Relief
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