Protect Your Energy

 Identify Helpful & Harmful Spirits 
Stop Energy Leaks -
Learn Tools to Protect Your Energy 

Discover what is CAUSING your energy leaks and how to STOP them. Are you an empath, highly sensitive person or a healer who finds your self or your clients frequently feeling drained by the energy of those around you? Call on your support from the spirit world. It's time to reclaim your energy.

  • Identify specific Energy Leaks that drain you: Whacks, Cords, Hooks, Vampires, Snubs, Leeches, Wounds and Betrayals
  • Get tools to PROTECT your energy, prevent leaks and harmful attachments
  • Learn how and where Spirits get attached so you can detach them and heal
  • Get a quick-fix checklist to identify Harmful vs Helpful Spirits immediately by email

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