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The Power to Heal Yourself

Natalie —  October 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

In recent generations of human evolution we have grown more and more distant from the messages offered by our body and spirit.  Demands on our time, the drone of city life and our constant interaction with people we do not know, have resulted in us shutting down certain levels of perception. We do this as an act of self-preservation, in order to avoid feeling bombarded and overwhelmed with these sensations when making our way through everyday life.  This sensory awareness may result in physical and emotional indicators that cannot be explained.  Western civilization has given us clinical names and labels, such as depression and anxiety, for the mystery symptoms experienced by large numbers of people.  While the symptoms have both physical and spiritual origins, on a spirit level they are signs of the oversaturation of a person’s aura with the energies of others.  

Without healthy boundaries, the aura of highly intuitive people is like a sponge absorbing our surroundings.  We feel the energy of the unhappy driver behind us, an angry co-worker or bitter words said between husband and wife at the grocery store.  Over time, the aura, our filter of the world, meant to be the beginning and end point of our body-spirit signature, gets congested.  If our energetic filter is not being cleaned out regularly, like bacteria built up in a sponge, it gets stinky and is less effective at its job.  The consciousness of our times demands development of skills to create healthy boundaries for ourselves and experience inner peace.  

It is an act of self-healing to release energy that is not ours from our space.  To set our space each day is preventative medicine for our energetic body. When we cultivate these skills within ourselves, we claim our capacity to heal.  It takes less than 15 minutes to clean out your aura at the beginning or end of each day.  Here’s one way: 

Visualize a tree trunk attached to the base of your spine and rooted into the center of the earth.  Own it by writing your name on it and bring it into present time adding today’s date.  Include a switch or button, one that you can set to “full release.” Notice anything in your aura bubble that is no longer serving you, watch it release down the tree trunk.  This energy is simply changing form, not causing any harm to the planet or others.  Then set your intention for the day.  Imagine the aura bubble around your body as complete, without any holes or gaps, give it a new color.  Fill in your energetic body with a positive vibration of your choice, to set the tone of your day.  Place protection roses on the outside of your aura in the six directions: in front, behind, right, left, above and below.  Step into your day from a point of inner peace!

The river of life is full of furious currents, meandering streams and quiet eddies.  Some of us are better at staying busy in the torrent, others prefer relaxing into the flow of everyday life, but we all struggle with moments of feeling stuck.  An eddy is a spot on the side of the river where the water gets caught in a loop, holding onto leaves and other debris.  A period in our life when we feel blocked from forward movement; it seems we keep having the same experience, one that is not fulfilling.  We may feel like some life circumstance is forcing us to wait and we have to endure, or that we’ve tried everything and we don’t know how to create a different experience.  This can trigger coping mechanisms, activities that help us check-out to escape from the awareness of our unhappiness.  We may watch too much TV, drink or generate some drama to distract us from the reality of what is occurring under the surface in our lives. 

We have the power within to break free from stuck patterns and return to the flow of the river.  While our outside circumstances may not change, we always have an option of shifting our response to them.  A few moments of gentle focus on the area in our life where we feel stuck can begin to create a current that pulls us back out into the stream.  This flow can be generated through a simple meditative exercise. 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Imagine yourself with a solid connection between the base of your spine and the center of the earth.  Visualize the bubble of energy, three-feet-in-each-direction around your body, your aura, containing only your energy.  Let any energy that is not you release down the cord connecting you to the center of the earth.  From this point of owning your space, consider the area where you feel stuck and ask your intuitive guidance for insight into a next step.  It likely will be something small and seemingly in consequential.  Like the butterfly effect metaphor, change as gentle as the flap of butterfly wings can create a hurricane on the other side of the world. 

Intentional action is the key to creating larger transformation in our lives.  Facing our subconscious blocks and resistance is a very tricky topic. We are responsible for creating happiness in our own lives but that doesn’t mean we’ve had examples of how to do it.  We seek to form stronger access to our intuition to improve our awareness of what creates joy and a sense of flow in the river of our life.  The challenge we face in learning to commune with our inner truth is recognition of the times we have betrayed ourselves, staying stuck in the eddy by tuning out.  Tuning-in to our soul’s guidance invites new energy and positive flow.

Moving Forward

Natalie —  July 2, 2010 — 7 Comments

At times I get stuck in a pattern of belief that my mind can derive the bottom-line truth in a given situation.  Yet my brain is just a measuring device for the sensory messages it receives from my body.  The body sends messages that are interpreted by the mind through the senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.  The mind takes these bits of information makes a conclusion, and then asks us to do something about it.  The spirit uses different points of reference to calculate the best way to move forward.  Our intuitive guidance system taps into a non-physical knowledge that can also lead us safely through life experiences. 

Last weekend I was climbing Mt Yale, a 14,000 foot summit in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Hiking at altitude creates sensations in my body that are interpreted by my brain as repetitive signals to “stop, turn back.”  The lack of oxygen and steep terrain challenge my lungs, muscles and circulatory system with forms of resistance that feel life threatening.  I hike at high-altitude to experience a sense of mind or over matter, to somehow prove my mind wrong by overriding its interpretations with a higher truth.  I know I can do it.  I know I will survive. 

On the ascent I can briefly distract my mind with the sight of aspen and pine trees, the sound of the gushing glacier-melt creek, the smell of wildflowers and conversations with my friend.  Yet the distraction is always temporary as my mind continues to want to regain control of the situation.  Hiking Mt Yale I was conscious of my spirit experiencing the hike.  When my body began to feel exhausted and my vision was a bit dulled, to the point where I didn’t see every rock on the trail, instead of feeling fearful that I would stumble, I noticed my spirit was guiding me.  I saw with clarity the parallel existence of how my mind interprets its experience beside how my spirit interprets the experience.  Both are equally capable of providing guidance that keeps me safe.  The difference is that when I’m listening to my spirit it is not concerned about reaching the summit or measuring the energy left in my physical body relative to what is required to get me to where I need to go.  My spirit is present in the moment.  My spirit says, “I am moving forward.  I will keep moving forward.  I want to move forward.”  

Mind-body measurement of our experience is 100% in the physical/material realm.  The challenge is that the mind does not know how to interpret intuitive information.  If the message it’s receiving from the body contradicts intuitive guidance the mind goes to battle with spirit and tries to override the spiritual knowing in an act of physical self-preservation.  The mind does not know how to interpret the emotional indicators beyond the physical sensations they generate, pain or pleasure. 

Next time you notice that your mental and spiritual guidance are in conflict, acknowledge both the indicators from your physical body experience and what you know intuitively.  Let this awareness of the source of data help break gridlock that can keep you stuck.  The mind is not the final truth.  It is one source of information available to you.  Intuition offers insight that can help us move forward when the mind is resistant.

In today’s world the analytical mind is king while trusting intuition is judged as emotional and subjective.   This cerebral approach to life attempts to figure things out and feel in control.  Recent natural and man-made disasters have drawn to our attention the reality that humans do not have control over planet Earth.  We can forecast the weather and volcanic eruptions, build dykes to protect us from tidal changes and use science to perform feats such as drilling for oil at great depths of the ocean, but this does not put us in control of the forces of nature.  As long as we are not personally impacted by a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami we are able to live in denial, believing that technology will save us from the realities of our environment.  Our belief in science has distracted us from true intuitive power that comes with alignment to the vibration of the Earth.

The human body is amazing in its capacity to understand and process an exceptional quantity of data.   We have unintentionally detached from our primal-sensory nature through educational programming that validates the analytical mind combined with the many conveniences science and technology provide.  Opportunities to touch the Earth and feel its pulse are not part of our daily lifestyle.  Because of this we’ve lost contact with a facet of our intuitive capacity, experiencing a sense of separation from Mother Nature.  When we take time to be in non-manmade environments we increase our access to inner guidance.  A hike, mountain bike ride or work in the garden, saturate the visual auditory and sensory facilities with a neutral form of energy.  Nature is chaotic and extremely organized in a material as well as spiritual sense.  This reminds us of the invisible aspects of our Self. 

By immersing in the Earth’s vibration we tune-in to a primal side of our human nature.  The aspect of our energy that can sense when lightening is about to strike, as the hair on our arms stands on end.  In the city we are swallowed up in a stream of news, whether it is fact, fiction or entertainment, it draws our attention away from our inner guidance.  It keeps our focus pointed externally rather than internally.  Mother Nature is the ultimate cleanser of psychic space.  Her wild wide-open spaces download the information inundation that has clogged our receptors with predominantly useless data.  The simple act of being in nature, regardless of the activity or inactivity of our body, can be an intentional form of meditation.  When we see a hawk, daisy or the bark on an aspen tree we presence ourselves to beauty, resilience and simplicity. 

The fire hose of data constantly inundating our life can be exhausting and overwhelming.  It makes us want to crawl back into our shell, tune-out, take a break.  The most vibrant place to take that break is in Mother Nature.  Connection to the Earth’s vibration helps us align to the part of ourselves that is chronically being overridden by an analytical minded environment.  Mother Nature offers us a healing of sensory overload and provides clearer access to our inner guidance.  Let us receive her gift.

Our second chakra region just below the belly button is the energy center where creative and sexual impulse originates.  To create life as a human requires igniting the primal sexual drive.  Many naturally intuitive people first learn to read from their second charka as it is the emotional space where we feel people and experience empathy.  When feeling into someone by reading from the second chakra it is nearly impossible to stay neutral.  We tend to get taken away by matching the emotions of the person we are responding to rather than seeing their situation from a balanced loving perspective.  When we encounter a person who is having a similar experience to one of our own, they can activate recessed feelings from our past and trigger a state of pain, grief or other empathetic emotion cycle for a period of time after we’ve felt their energy in our space.

To maintain our own stability, when responding to a friend in need of compassion, we learn to read from our sixth chakra, the center of head space between our ears and behind our eyes.  In this space we have clearer access to our own information and can maintain the balance and strength needed to be present for a loved one who is in an emotional state.  If you find yourself mirroring someone’s emotions, imagine taking an elevator up from your second chakra to your sixth chakra.  When you arrive in the sixth chakra you may need to claim your seniority and clean out anyone else who is energetically hanging out in your psychic space.  Often people who aren’t confident in their own intuitive capacity see our intuitive strength and hitchhike in our space to access that information.

The second chakra is also home to our sexual energy.  We learn to read sexual energy in others to gauge prospective mates and gain a sense of safety in relationships.  Many people are unconscious of their sexual energy and blame unwanted sexual attention they receive on the person showing them interest.  Yet often the sexual attention we receive is a reflection of how we present our energy in the second chakra.  We subconsciously learn from our parents a certain setting for our sexual-creative energy.  The resulting response from others may or may not provide the desired effect.  As they say, it takes two to tango and our power resides in self-awareness.  Cultures also have different boundaries for sexual energy.  In some cultures open expression of sexual energy is seen as disrespectful and inappropriate, while in other cultures it is normal.

When you sense someone’s sexual energy, if it feels like a violation of your comfort zone, consider whether it is the natural way this particular person carries themselves or if that energy is actually directed at you.  If you are clear that the energy is directed at you and you are not interested in it, then you may want to communicate that directly or visualize some form of energetic protection for yourself.  Imagine a rose in-between the two of you to filter any energy that is not welcomed and neutralize it.  On the other hand, it can be interesting to notice when energy you were previously taking offense to has nothing at all to do with you.  It is simply that person’s boundaries are different than your own.

The second chakra offers us a first primal feeling oriented way to read others intuitively.  As we develop our intuitive awareness, we learn that there are less disruptive ways to see.  Take a step back and notice the intention of unwelcomed sexual energy before coming to a conclusion.  Practice taking the elevator to your sixth chakra next time you find yourself taking on the emotions of another, and experience the inner peace that neutrality brings.