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Dreaming is easy but allowing our dreams to take form can be tricky.  Our focused vision, intention and actions eventually result in opportunities to “have” what we desire. If we want the fruits of our creation to become longterm parts of our experience we need to be ready to receive by matching there vibration.

It may be hard to receive because the results don’t come in the form we imagine or because we’re more comfortable with wanting something out in the distance than having it up close.  Think of the lottery winner who ends up poorer than they were before they hit the jackpot a few years down the road.  They were able to manifest temporary financial prosperity but they couldn’t “have” it in the long run.  Their vision of themselves didn’t align with the vibration of wealth.

Blocks that keep us from having what we desire, contribute to self-sabotage such as criticism of what we’ve called into our lives.  They keep us seeking rather than satisfied.  We have manifested a dream relationship, job, financial success, vacation or home and we don’t let ourselves enjoy it.  Or we determine its flawed, we hadn’t seen the reality of it and find its not what we really wanted.  We continue to strive for a distant goal rather than appreciate the present moment. We doubt our wisdom in creation, not seeing that we’ve created powerfully and can continue to focus our positive intentions. Our needs shift and become clearer through experience. As we gain clarity on our true desire, we hone in on the feelings we would like to have while living our dream.

One way to practice receiving is through a simple meditation. With your attention centered in your meditative space, between your ears and behind your eyes (sixth chakra):

  • First insure that your energetic grounding cord, the root that connects the base of your spine to the center of the earth is fresh and set to “full release” so it’s ready to recycle any energy in your aura that you no longer need
  • See all energy blocking your receptivity fall-down your grounding cord and out of your space.  Identify vibrations ready for release such as self-sabotage, criticism, perfectionism, judgment, fear, control, unworthiness, guilt and shame.
  • When you feel your aura has been cleared of the energy that doesn’t allow you to receive, imagine a large bubble of golden light above your head filled with the vibration of “havingness.” This feels like satisfaction, gratitude and receptivity combined.  Add a pinch of joy to that bubble and watch that bubble sink down into your aura space, filling you up with this capacity to HAVE  and enjoy what you desire.

In practicing this energy clean-out and fill-in, you align your vibration with receiving.  As your dreams come into physical form you are ready to allow the goodness into you life to stay.

Be Powerful

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There are a lot of mixed social messages about power.  People strive for it, fear it, are drawn to it, angry at it and feel guilty about wielding it.  It is suppressed, idolized and ridiculed.  From an early age we are taught to conform to the collective, and therefore redirect or deny aspects of our will.  Most of us were trained to fear showing our power because we were punished for doing so.  When we deny or suppress our power we are restraining our capacity to contribute good creative energy to the world.  Power is directed energy.

If you feel guilty about being your naturally powerful Self, here are some reminders of why it’s good:

  • Owning our personal power allows those around us to relax because they don’t have to “care take” us or guess about what we need.  We’re solid, clear.
  • When we express our truth in a vulnerable and authentic way, we’re more powerful and approachable.
  • Activating our will power allows us to overcome inertia, move forward in life.
  • Setting clear intentions is powerful. Magic happens when we are in this zone.

Disempowered people don’t seem to be living much at all.  They carry lots of disappointment, anger, apathy and depression.  To stand in our power (truth) we have to be willing to disappoint people we care about in the short run.  They may not like our choices but if we make choices to please others, that are not true to our path, we eventually will disappoint them with our lack of full investment in the decision.

Healthy power does not dominate but vibrates truth.  The more we align with the truth of our desire to create and allow it to flow, activating directed energy, the greater we feel.  The third chakra is where our will resides, our core, the center most pivotal point of our physical body.  To release social programs and other self-imposed limitations to our power, we can clean out the third chakra and fill it in with our own vibration. 

In the meditation space, imagine a large bubble a few feet away from you.  See all the energy that is not yours but in your third chakra move out of it into this bubble.  Send the control energy, family expectations, pressure to conform, apathy, anger or fear energies that are in this space out to the bubble.  When the bubble is full and your third chakra clear, imagine the bubble floating to a far away place and pop it in your mind’s eye.  Then give your third chakra a new color that represents your vibration today (any color but white).

Anodea Judith writes in Wheels of Life, The User’s Guide to the Chakra System, the third chakra is home to “the spark of enthusiasm that ignites power and will.” We all desire to live ignited, inspired lives.  We have this ability within us.  It’s simply a matter of clearing away what is blocking our natural power so we can live purposefully.

How Creation Energy Works

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Photo by Patrick Yuen

There are many ways we contribute to the content of what is manifesting in our lives: thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, inaction, words spoken to others and requests to our higher power. With each of these we are adding possible outcomes to our future experience.  It is not the circumstances we are in so much as the beliefs, thoughts and feelings we have about them that affect our happiness.  We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for in the creation of our life. 

Last spring I saw Esther Hicks speak in Colorado and I was reminded of a potent truth in the concepts presented through her channeling Abraham.  The law of attraction or manifestation, from the perspective of Spirit is uninhibited by the perceived limitations of the Physical. It is all about matching energetic vibrations.  Abraham calls it the Vortex, an energy space in the future that we are filling non-stop through our emotions both positive and negative.  The Vortex doesn’t have an opinion about what vibrations we put into it.  It is there, as I see it, like a master soup bowl that continues to simmer as we add ingredients simply by directing our energy.  The resulting flavor is a combination of all that has been added.  This perpetual pot of soup that sits on the stove of our lives continues to change form based on what we are adding to the pot.  On a bad day we might put in a heaping spoonful of doubt or fear, on a good day we might add clarity and love.  The next week, month or year, when we finally get around to tasting the concoction that has been brewing in our future, we may be appalled by it, “Hey Universe/God, this isn’t what I ordered!”  Unfortunately we did order it.  We just weren’t paying attention to how our thoughts, feelings, actions and words were contributing to our future dining experience.

This isn’t to suggest we should make matters worse with self-criticism or try to control the full spectrum of emotions.   The intent is to bring to consciousness our power to contribute to a more fulfilling, juicy meal.  One of those dining experiences that you hope will never end, where each bite is taken slowly with pleasure.  What hit home with me about the Abraham message, was that when we are in those moments of low biorhythm or in a state of negativity, we can stop adding ingredients to the soup by taking a break from thinking about what it is we “wish” were true and what we “want” in the future, instead just do life.  Wash the dishes, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, head to the gym and don’t engage in the creation process.  When we are in an unconstructive emotion it is easy to get caught up in the struggle around changing our experience and in doing so inadvertently add vibrations to our Vortex of future experiences that we don’t want, rather than those we desire.

Positive Diversion

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Our manifestations come from a state of feeling.  Ideally that emotional state is positive, pleasurable even blissful, fueling the future with love rather than fear.  This week I divert from my usual reflections to take you someplace juicy in your thoughts with the hope that it will feed a positive state of creation…

My Love Letter to the Deep Woods

Beloved your sweetness swallows me whole, fills my lungs and blood with tangy oxygen.  The sun draws last night’s mist from your soil, wrapping its arms around me.  I run freely within your wild undergrowth, my feet know your solid springy touch.  I see you and it delights me.  Monstrous fern and elderberry congregate beneath fir trees that reach up to touch the sky.  Fox gloves drip lavender spotted flowers, rising from your curved mountainside.   You receive me without judgment, whisper with honey breath through the delicate breeze of pale green moss dangling from your branches.  You’ve forgotten what season it is for a day and given me the gift of summer clarity, warmth and radiance in the midst of autumn’s slow death.  I rest my face against your meadows, trimmed low by deer grazing.  You hold me firmly as I sink into you, the perfect mattress of chocolate loam.  Your frog and meadowlark sing to me. The red dragonfly hovers.  I’m in love with you.  I’m not afraid to commit to you, my heart is open.  I trust you.  I feel your healing touch hold my hand.  You lead me to peace, a waterfall rushing from its source springs forth from deep within your core. We unite in naked appreciation for one another.

Perfect Pictures

Natalie —  September 30, 2010 — 6 Comments

When reading the energetic body for clients I look at areas where they want to create change and positive shifts in their life.  I consistently see perfectionism rear its judgmental head to block joy and love that has manifested in people’s lives.  The energy of perfection and its companion control are two of the most pervasive human challenges.  Our life experiences, family, teachers and peers help us form pictures of what we can expect in response to particular situations.  These pictures can help us manifest desired outcomes and protect us from harm.  But if the picture is based on information that is not true for us, such as a response to someone else’s fears or a past trauma of our own, it can create repeated negative experiences. 

When seeing psychically these pictures are presented to me as associated to one or more of the chakras.  They may interfere with our sense of safety, the ability to create and communicate, our sexual energy, personal power, affinity for others and our self, our analytical and intuitive capacity or connection with Spirit.  See my chakra definitions at this link.  Pictures that are out-of-date or invalid can get stuck in our space and subconsciously contribute to generating experiences that are not in our highest good.  The story behind any perfect picture goes something like this, “When I have the right job, partner, enough money or time, THEN I will be happy.”  Another form the perfect picture takes is, “When I lose twenty pounds, get my house tidy or finish my degree, THEN I will be ready to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.” These pictures keep us waiting for perfect circumstances in order to HAVE what we desire. 

When we grow up in an environment of criticism we develop an inner voice that is riddled with self-judge.  This critical voice is constantly seeking an impossible status of perfection, feeding the concept that we have to be in control to be worthy of love.  The perfect picture energy blocks us from truly receiving positive things we have manifested in our relationships and environment.  If you notice yourself afraid to “get your hopes up,” in self-sabotage or judgment, invalidating yourself or an experience you have created, most likely there is a perfect picture at work.  The first step toward freeing your spirit from the bondage of perfection is to acknowledge it.  Take the opportunity to visualize a bubble about five-feet in front of you and allow that bubble to collect up all of the perfection energy in your body and mind, drawing it out of your space.  Imagine the bubble floating off to a distant mountain where it pops and dissipates.  Then see a bubble above your head filled with love and the vibration of your own essence.  Call your energy home to you from wherever you’ve left it.  Let that bubble full of golden light slide down into your physical and energetic body filling up any areas where the perfectionism was moved out.  Breathe in the expansion of greater self-love in your body.

Divine Provision

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Last summer I was at a yoga retreat and campout in Estes Park, Colorado.  After my first morning of yoga I wasn’t quite ready to be done with the meditative time from savasana. I walked down to the river, rolled out my yoga mat and sat in silence.  My body and spirit were conflicted, it was noon and I needed nourishment.  I considered walking back to my tent to get an apple, but decided my physical hunger wasn’t as important as my need to listen to Spirit.  My life was in transition.  I watched clear water ripple over the river’s rocky bottom, releasing desire, allowing my mind to rest in the space that had been created from stretching.  Then I laid back and looked up into the sky and treetops.  Camouflaged among the leaves of a tree I noticed an apple.  I sat up in amazement, suddenly seeing apples all around me on the ground.  What a joy!  I picked a ripe apple from the tree and ate before returning to meditation.

My spirit had found its way to the one particular spot by the river where its needs could be met without distractions from my body’s hunger.  The apple tree was my everyday miracle.  It made me ponder how often I’ve been blind to what was being offered when it was right in front of my face.  It renewed my faith in listening to my inner guidance and reminded me of the importance of taking care of both physical and spiritual bodies.  

This summer I have been on another journey, this one farther away from home, a longer cycle of listening to my inner guidance and trusting the divine mystery.  Along the way I have experienced a sense of universal support in the form of beautiful places to rest my head at night, animal and bird messengers, unexpected connections and out of the ordinary topics of conversation with strangers.  In parallel, there have been emotionally and financially challenging events, the death of an old family friend, a dog fight, expensive car repairs and the dynamics of spending time close to family.  Each an opportunity to respond with fear or love, to use the stirred-up energy to heal or feel wounded.

On the land where I’m house sitting, surrounded by misty forest, there are two apple trees.  The fruit is not quite ready but I can see that it will be ripe soon.  The apples remind me to notice life’s blessings and receive its nourishment.  When I am on the path, choosing love, the universe provides for my needs in the most simple and magical ways.

The biggest block to creating the life you want may not be lack of vision or action but your capacity to have it.  Like that old saying “have your cake and eat it too,” if you can’t eat the cake that you spent your time and money baking, you’ve participated in an energy depleting activity. 

When you request something from the universe through visualization, prayer or simple intention and it never shows up, or it does and just as quickly goes away; it may make you doubt your capacity to create or the support of your higher power.  Most likely something is blocking your ability to receive.  Receiving is harder than it sounds.  To receive you must acknowledge your worthiness for whatever has arrived.  And override past experiences that programmed your mind with thoughts like, “That’s impossible. I can’t have that.  It won’t last.”

While considering a goal for your life, use your inner-guidance, your sixth chakra or center of head space, to visualize what you want to manifest.  In your daydreams or journal you can play with design, forming a ‘mock-up’ of the desire.   Focus on the energy you would like to create, such as joy ease or playfulness, more than the form it will take.  From your intuitive mind, look for any conflict between your desire and its possession.  Notice areas of your life where you resist having what you want or where your vision is not grounded in reality.  The power of bringing these conflicts to your awareness will begin the process of moving the block out of your space.  Now visualize a bubble outside of your aura, like a magnet drawing the conflict energy away from your desire.  Once you see all of the energy has moved into the bubble, send it somewhere far away with your minds-eye and pop it.  This will create more space for you to have your cake and eat it too.

Here are some examples of thoughts that may get in the way of having what you want:

  • Attachment to past creations that are out-dated, “Wow, my dream house is for sale and I can afford it but I’ve invested so much time and energy in the house I’m in.”
  • Change, “I wanted this but now that I have it, I feel uncomfortable.”
  • Control, “She has to agree with me or we might as well not have a relationship.”
  • Old identity, “I was poor growing up.  It’s always been hard to make ends meet.”
  • Lack of permission, “Having time to play my guitar is selfish.  I should be helping the kids with homework.”
  • Unworthy, “I really don’t deserve to be happier than my parents, friends or lover.”

If you find yourself stuck in a pattern that is preventing you from having what you want in relationship, work, prosperity or any other area of your life, seek outside help from a trustworthy source such as a spiritual mentor, therapist or clairvoyant reader.  We all have unconscious beliefs and programs at work in our space that are so powerful it is hard to see them, let alone move the energy ourselves.  Finally, commit to replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts through regular affirmations.