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The January 2011 issue of Discover magazine presented results of research by neuroscientist Lauren Silbert that proved we can get inside someone’s head when they are communicating with us. Her study scanned brain activity determining that “among the most attentive listeners, key brain regions lit up before her words even came out, suggesting anticipation of what she would say next. ‘The more you anticipate someone, the more you’re able to enter their space.’ Siblert says.” Research now proves what psychics have long known to be true, as we engage with the people in our life, subconsciously we are communicating with non-verbal or spiritual energy mind-to-mind.  As we hone our intuitive awareness we want to clearly hear our inner-guidance, therefore it is important that our center-of-head space is free from outside influences.

The better we identify and remove the distortions of perception based on other people’s influence in our energy field, the greater clarity we gain.  This starts by owning our sixth chakra, the center of head space. The sixth chakra is where our intuition and analytical mind reside.  As science confirms, it’s normal for people to get in each other’s space through this chakra since it is the telepathic communication channel.  If a person pops-up in your mind unexpectedly, you can be sure they have energy in your space.  It is a subconscious way for the person to feel they have some insight into what might come next in the relationship by reading the other person. 

As part of the foundational meditation taught in psychic training we start every class with grounding our energy and cleaning out our sixth chakra.  There are a lot of fun ways to do this, all are forms of visualization.  With your eyes closed try one of these exercises.  Follow-up by filling-in that same space with your own energy:

  • See that center-of-head being sprayed clean with a fire hose
  • Watch everything that is not your energy get blown away by a high-powered fan
  • Put a slide at the edge and imaging all the energy that is not yours sliding down and out
  • Visualize a bubble outside of your aura collecting up all the energy that is not you, then send that bubble somewhere far away and pop-it. 

Through regularly cleaning out any energy in your center-of-head space that is not you and replacing that with your own vibration, you are able to more easily access your inner-guidance and trust it.

Compelling Urges & Past Lives

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Grandpa Del and grandma Florence circa 1944

We all experience moments of feeling compelled to repeat unproductive behavior, or drawn to a place or person with an intensity that doesn’t make sense relative to our life reference points.  In these instances, a magnetic power seems to be at play from which it is hard to break free.  The triggered emotional response influences our choices and actions.  Frequently the root of these inexplicable episodes is in a past life experience left unresolved.  It usually doesn’t feel good to have this type of compelling urge.  It feels a bit crazy, out of our control, vulnerable and illogical.  A look at our past lives reveals responses and behaviors that have no basis in our conscious history.  We use intuitive tools to gain clarity, break the cycle and reclaim our power.

Past life experiences are brought to our awareness to give us the opportunity to heal unresolved emotions that continue to unconsciously affect the present.  We can ignore, suppress or devalue the energy, but by doing so we are simply allowing it to remain in the backlog of unfinished business we tow around through this life and into the next. To objectively look at our own past life information we need to take the elevator up from our instinctual second chakra feeling space to our intuitive sixth chakra seeing place.  From that center of our intuitive space, we ask to see the root of the repetitive pattern and the details of the experience from this lifetime or a past life that generated it.   Once we have followed the story of that lifetime in our minds eye, we can acknowledge that our feelings were a valid response at that time.  Then we say to ourselves, “This feeling is no longer true in present time.”  In this way we reclaim our power to generate a new experience.  Next we watch all energetic-charge from the unresolved or false beliefs it contains release.  This can be visualized as the energy moving out of the past life memory into a bubble, that is sent far away and popped, or draining off of it through a grounding cord.  With the energetic-charge released from this past experience, we ask our Akashic (soul) record keeper to update our soul’s record with this shift. As a final step, we fill in our energy space with a big golden ball of light vibrating at our own energy.

Our desire for answers and inner-peace sets the intention for what is revealed in the process of reading past lives.  Ultimately the question we are asking of this information is, “what does it mean for my life now?”  The answer we receive holds a deeper truth, allowing us to heal in this lifetime.  Exploring our past lives helps us more gracefully move through the lessons our soul came here to learn.

Reading Your Energy Body

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The Chakra Body

The term chakra refers to one of seven energy centers in the human body, each reflecting specific vibrations.  As a clairvoyant reader and healer the information I see in a person’s aura is connected to these energy centers.  They reflect the area of your life that is being drawn to attention for healing.  Getting to know your chakras is like looking at a map of your spiritual guidance as reflected by the body.  When you feel a sensation in your body such as tingling or tension, whether it is pleasurable or uncomfortable, it is an indicator that there is something your spirit is trying to draw to your attention.  The chakra association can help you interpret the message your energy body is speaking. Chakras vibrate subtly different information to different teachers.   The following list is my understanding of the chakras which can always be found through a link on my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Seventh chakra (crown) is our connection with the Spirit/God.  It contains information on how we show ourselves to the world (our persona) and the energy of understanding.

Sixth chakra (brow) is where we experience our intuitive guidance and analytical mind.  Here we see, imagine and have knowledge. It is from here that we see ourselves in the world relative to others.

Fifth chakra (throat) is our communication space, how we express ourselves.

Fourth chakra (heart) is where we give and receive love.  It vibrates the energy of affinity for others and the Self.

Third chakra (solar plexus) is our core personal power.  It is where we experience self-worth and activate will (how life force energy is manifested into physical form).

Second chakra (abdomen) is where our creation energy lives.  It contains our emotions, sexual energy and capacity for manifestation.

First chakra (root – base of spine) is where we ground to the earth.  It holds the energies of safety, security and our basic food/shelter survival needs.

Perfect Pictures

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When reading the energetic body for clients I look at areas where they want to create change and positive shifts in their life.  I consistently see perfectionism rear its judgmental head to block joy and love that has manifested in people’s lives.  The energy of perfection and its companion control are two of the most pervasive human challenges.  Our life experiences, family, teachers and peers help us form pictures of what we can expect in response to particular situations.  These pictures can help us manifest desired outcomes and protect us from harm.  But if the picture is based on information that is not true for us, such as a response to someone else’s fears or a past trauma of our own, it can create repeated negative experiences. 

When seeing psychically these pictures are presented to me as associated to one or more of the chakras.  They may interfere with our sense of safety, the ability to create and communicate, our sexual energy, personal power, affinity for others and our self, our analytical and intuitive capacity or connection with Spirit.  See my chakra definitions at this link.  Pictures that are out-of-date or invalid can get stuck in our space and subconsciously contribute to generating experiences that are not in our highest good.  The story behind any perfect picture goes something like this, “When I have the right job, partner, enough money or time, THEN I will be happy.”  Another form the perfect picture takes is, “When I lose twenty pounds, get my house tidy or finish my degree, THEN I will be ready to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.” These pictures keep us waiting for perfect circumstances in order to HAVE what we desire. 

When we grow up in an environment of criticism we develop an inner voice that is riddled with self-judge.  This critical voice is constantly seeking an impossible status of perfection, feeding the concept that we have to be in control to be worthy of love.  The perfect picture energy blocks us from truly receiving positive things we have manifested in our relationships and environment.  If you notice yourself afraid to “get your hopes up,” in self-sabotage or judgment, invalidating yourself or an experience you have created, most likely there is a perfect picture at work.  The first step toward freeing your spirit from the bondage of perfection is to acknowledge it.  Take the opportunity to visualize a bubble about five-feet in front of you and allow that bubble to collect up all of the perfection energy in your body and mind, drawing it out of your space.  Imagine the bubble floating off to a distant mountain where it pops and dissipates.  Then see a bubble above your head filled with love and the vibration of your own essence.  Call your energy home to you from wherever you’ve left it.  Let that bubble full of golden light slide down into your physical and energetic body filling up any areas where the perfectionism was moved out.  Breathe in the expansion of greater self-love in your body.

Are You Being Bullied?

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We assume that bullying stops when we grow up and leave the playground of our childhood but it just changes form.  Children grow into adults that learn ways to get what they want through other means.  On the healthy side of development we take care of our own needs or ask others when we need something from them.   Overt bullying is not tolerated among adults.  Yet if a person doesn’t learn how to communicate their needs in a healthy way, they often continue to push their agenda on others in more manipulative ways.  Sometimes this looks like a co-worker, friend or spouse who gives you options regarding a decision. When you choose an option that is not the one they want you to choose, suddenly it is no longer an option.  You have no real choice.  Control energy can be very subtle, such as someone telling you what you are going to do, rather than asking you what you are going to do.  Or hijacking your time through pressuring you to do something they want you to do.

In the process of Self development, trying to control a situation is one way we test our boundaries with others and determine what is required to make things happen that we want to see happen in life.  Children need good examples from adults who respect each other’s time, needs and energetic space.  Adults who take care of the child’s needs and teach them healthy ways of getting their needs met.  Behind all bulling behavior is a person’s fear that their needs will not be met. 

When a person is bullying, you may sense their energy in your third chakra (solar plexus) personal power space.  The control energy is trying to tap into your power center and redirect it for their use.  It creates a sense of being pulled off balance.  One part of us considers going along with their agenda to gain approval, even when we know the path is not right for us.  Another aspect of us gets angry at having our needs and boundaries disregarded.  This can activate resistance or conflict in the relationship.  We don’t always have the desire or option to end the relationship with a person who bullies us, such as a family member or co-worker.  In these situations we can use our energy awareness and practice self-care. 

Here are two tools for preventing the bully energy sent your way from sticking to you:

1)       Body of Glass – Imagine your body as invisible like Wonder Woman’s airplane.  The control energy sent toward your body goes right through and has nothing to attach itself to.

2)      Protection Rose – Visualize a rose that has a blossom as large as a stop sign and a thick stem that goes all the way to the center of the earth.  Intend that this protection rose stands between you and filter out any control energy.

These tools will help you hold your center and feel unscathed by outside attempts to redirect your energy.  With a clear mind and neutrality you can choose the path that is right for you.

Our second chakra region just below the belly button is the energy center where creative and sexual impulse originates.  To create life as a human requires igniting the primal sexual drive.  Many naturally intuitive people first learn to read from their second charka as it is the emotional space where we feel people and experience empathy.  When feeling into someone by reading from the second chakra it is nearly impossible to stay neutral.  We tend to get taken away by matching the emotions of the person we are responding to rather than seeing their situation from a balanced loving perspective.  When we encounter a person who is having a similar experience to one of our own, they can activate recessed feelings from our past and trigger a state of pain, grief or other empathetic emotion cycle for a period of time after we’ve felt their energy in our space.

To maintain our own stability, when responding to a friend in need of compassion, we learn to read from our sixth chakra, the center of head space between our ears and behind our eyes.  In this space we have clearer access to our own information and can maintain the balance and strength needed to be present for a loved one who is in an emotional state.  If you find yourself mirroring someone’s emotions, imagine taking an elevator up from your second chakra to your sixth chakra.  When you arrive in the sixth chakra you may need to claim your seniority and clean out anyone else who is energetically hanging out in your psychic space.  Often people who aren’t confident in their own intuitive capacity see our intuitive strength and hitchhike in our space to access that information.

The second chakra is also home to our sexual energy.  We learn to read sexual energy in others to gauge prospective mates and gain a sense of safety in relationships.  Many people are unconscious of their sexual energy and blame unwanted sexual attention they receive on the person showing them interest.  Yet often the sexual attention we receive is a reflection of how we present our energy in the second chakra.  We subconsciously learn from our parents a certain setting for our sexual-creative energy.  The resulting response from others may or may not provide the desired effect.  As they say, it takes two to tango and our power resides in self-awareness.  Cultures also have different boundaries for sexual energy.  In some cultures open expression of sexual energy is seen as disrespectful and inappropriate, while in other cultures it is normal.

When you sense someone’s sexual energy, if it feels like a violation of your comfort zone, consider whether it is the natural way this particular person carries themselves or if that energy is actually directed at you.  If you are clear that the energy is directed at you and you are not interested in it, then you may want to communicate that directly or visualize some form of energetic protection for yourself.  Imagine a rose in-between the two of you to filter any energy that is not welcomed and neutralize it.  On the other hand, it can be interesting to notice when energy you were previously taking offense to has nothing at all to do with you.  It is simply that person’s boundaries are different than your own.

The second chakra offers us a first primal feeling oriented way to read others intuitively.  As we develop our intuitive awareness, we learn that there are less disruptive ways to see.  Take a step back and notice the intention of unwelcomed sexual energy before coming to a conclusion.  Practice taking the elevator to your sixth chakra next time you find yourself taking on the emotions of another, and experience the inner peace that neutrality brings.

Are You Grounded?

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An entire day, week, vacation or project can be thrown off balance from lack of grounding.  The term grounding refers to connection of your energy to a solid foundation on the earth.  When we are grounded we feel at ease in our physical body and stable for whatever presents itself along our path.  There is strength in the center of gravity this connection provides, like the roots of a tree anchor it while the trunk and branches sway in the wind.  To trust our intuition requires accessing it from a grounded place.  If we act on intuition when we are not centered in this way the information is likely to be incomplete or distorted by the influence of outside energy.

Grounding is a simple principle to apply to our energetic body.  It is an essential function our mothers provide in our infancy and childhood until we are ready to individuate and manage our own safety and survival needs (first chakra). When we are ungrounded it increases our odds of allowing outside elements to steer our life in directions that are not for our highest good.  We can get sucked into someone else’s emotional experience and take on their battles or wounds, neglecting our own.  Sometimes the concept of 100% ownership of our personal grounding space triggers guilt in care takers.  We have is a sense of responsibility to be the foundation for others who need stability.  When we do so it allows outside energy to enter our space and we lose some of our capacity to maintain our own footing.  Alternately if we are feeling ungrounded we may seek grounding through another whose energy feels steady. 

Here are some signs that let me know when I’m ungrounded or I’m giving some of my grounding space to another person, I feel: distracted, unclear, busy, tired or off-center.  When I’m grounded I feel clarity, a greater sense of trust and inner peace about my ability to handle whatever may come my way.

Visualization to activate your grounding:

Close your eyes and imagine a tree trunk firmly connected to the base of your spine running down into the earth through all of its layers and rooted into a beautiful meadow at the center of the planet.  With your mind’s eye write your name on the trunk.  Bring this connection into present time by adding today’s date.  Breathe into awareness of your alignment with the earth’s solid yet fluid support system.