This page provides answers to frequently asked questions and defines terminology used in my sessions, courses and blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is intuition?

A.  Intuition is insight or perceived information from non-material sources.  It is the sixth-sense that takes into account and goes beyond data from your five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). It provides you spiritual direction in response to life experiences.

Q. What can I do to improve access to my intuition?

A. There are many paths to developing a sense of safety and trust in your intuitive guidance.  Start with acknowledgment that you have spiritual intuitive truth within, pause to listen and act in accordance with the messages that guide you in the direction of greater peace.  Practice this chakra validation exercise to activate your connection to your soul’s voice through gratitude and self-love. Join my free Facebook Group – Intuition Strength Training

Q. What is a Soul Agreement/Contract/Vow?

A. A Soul Agreement/Contract/Vow is a spiritual contract that is made between humans, groups of people (school, work, community, society), animals, spiritual entities, physical places and activities such as a creative expression. It extends beyond psychological or material commitments, as a Soul agreement can be created before we are born into this body. It is a type of commitment that must be fulfilled and if not fulfilled in this life can be carried forward. More on Soul Agreements in my blog: Understanding Your Soul Agreements , Free Will and Soul Agreements , Is Your Relationship for a Reason a Season or a Lifetime?

Q. What does INTEGRATION mean and why does it take time?

A. When you learn new information it takes time to see the world with the insight as part of your perspective. At a more profound level when you do soul work to align your soul and heal it brings unconscious information into the conscious universe. It’s magical and it takes time to integrate. To assist yourself with integration, I recommend getting your real world body in on the soul level updates through movement (walk, dance, yoga). You can also soak in the bath / hot tub or whatever gets your spirit and body to join forces.

Q. What do chakras have to do with intuition?

A. Chakra’s are symbolic of the seven energy centers in our body and reflect our current state of being as a spirit in a body.  As an intuitive they help us interpret information from the subconscious that is influencing our day-to-day experience.  Follow this link for an overview of the chakra energy centers.

Glossary of Terms Used

Akashic Records – also called the Book of Life these records exist for each soul a storehouse of all of its experiences and future possible paths

Aura – The energetic field around one’s body, approximately three feet in every direction.

Being (or Entity) – A soul without a body. Examples of helpful Beings: angel, guide, deceased ancestor. Examples of harmful Beings: control entity, pain entity, suicide entity, addiction being.

Chakra – Seven energy centers or chakras in the human body. The chakras are a framework that helps you understand what you are sensing with your intuition based on where it is in the body. Is there balance and flow or imbalance and blocks?  I created a map of the chakras for you, with image and descriptions at this link

Energy – We all have an equal access to energy. We exchange our energy at work for money, with our time, attention, and in relationships with others. If healthy we give and receive energy in balance. We direct our energy by focusing on what we want to create/manifest.

Havingness – The capacity to fully receive something.  For example, we want something but there are energies blocking our ability to have it. We manifest it then see it just as quickly disappear.  Alternately, if we hear information we are not ready to have we will likely not understand it.

Hook – An energetic connection with expectations attaching you and another person. Imagine a fish hook on a line from you to another person or from another person to you.

Intuition – Insight or perceived information from non-material sources.  It is the sixth-sense that takes into account and goes beyond data from your five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). It provides you spiritual direction in response to life experiences.

Mock-up – The visualization or design of what you would like to create in any given situation.

Neutrality – The act of seeing intuitive information without judgment; no need to control or fix what you see.

Picture – The image or belief we have of how something is, conscious or unconscious.  A picture influences our behavior through expectations of a predefined outcome to a situation.  Pictures are formed from our past experiences or those impressed upon us from our teachers, care takers and society.  They can block us from seeing or having alternate outcomes.

Program – Automatic response to an experience.  We create programs for ourselves to make it easier in the future when we encounter a similar experience. It is based on something that worked once but it may not be working anymore and put us in compromising situation or hold us back.

Read – To have intuition about another, to psychically see them is to read them.

See – To have intuition, to see from the sixth-sense versus know with the analytical mind.

Seniority – Owning your personal psychic space as in you are senior to any foreign energy that wants to inhabit your body.

Vampire – Hooks or cords into another persons energy to use it for themselves/ direct it.

Whack – A negative energetic punch that often accompanies verbal or written exchange.