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Empower Your Spirit with

Intuition Strength Training Membership


Meet with me LIVE to practice energy tools and learn new ones.

Commit to your energetic fitness 2x a month to:

build a stronger connection to your intuition and guidance

— feel protected when encountering negative energy

— add tools to your intuitive toolbox

— increase your clarity and spiritual seniority


Make an appointment with yourself to

exercise your intuition.

(members also receive $20 OFF one-hour private sessions with me)

Because Practice is Powerful!

I want you to be your Powerful Self!

(strong, clear, uncompromising)

Physical exercise gives you more physical energy — soulful exercise gives you more soulful energy — that means: a sense of purpose, clarity, passion and inner-peace.

Make time.

Fuel up with the best medicine there is — your energy!

Whether you are a long time connoisseur of energy practices or new to listening to your inner-guidance, this group is a place to get grounded and nurture your soul.

Practice is powerful.

It amplifies what is possible.

It holds us accountable.


Join me, for an empowering practice

Membership Gives You Access to …

We’ll meet LIVE twice a month in a video conference to learn and exercise energy tools that will strengthen your soul connection and intuition.

I will teach and lead energy fitness practices each meeting — but it won’t be all talk — it will be action! Meetings will be focused on putting the skills to use. Getting good at these skills is 10% knowledge and 90% practice. I will lead you though use of active meditation to access the guidance available to YOU.

Beyond building trust in your intuition, you’ll gain skills to use throughout your life, from getting better sleep, to staying grounded in a conflict, to protecting yourself from energy leaks. The content will vary and be influenced by what members want to learn.

So many of us hunger for deeper connections and soulfulness in life. The intensity of energy in the World — and constant exposure to it — has brought up a lot of talk about highly sensitive people or being an empath. We all have a sixth-sense, intuition, and yet most of us have had it invalidated or have not been taught the skills to understand what we experience. With practice we can gain peace with our sensitivity.

Exercise your soulful energy — feel vibrant, have clarity, inner-peace and spiritual strength as you navigate your wild and wonderful life!

Sign-up for Intuition Strength Training Membership and let me be your personal trainer — providing guidance, accountability and exercises that uplift your spirit.


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Sign-up now and keep this LOW rate as long as you maintain an active membership.


Intuition Strength Training Monthly Membership

Members Receive $20 OFF private one-hour sessions with me

(limited to one discounted session per month)

Membership Details

Meetings use Zoom Video Conferencing. Each session will be recorded for you to watch at your leisure through the course portal.

Group meets every-other Tuesday at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern Time — with some adjustments for holidays– but always twice a month. The calendar will be posted quarterly in advance on your membership portal. 2018 sessions are on October 9 & 23, November 6 & 20, December 4 & 18

Example / Group Practice Format:

  • Group Meditation

  • Teach: Energy Clearing Tool

  • Guided Practice: Apply Energy Clearing Tool

  • Q&A with Group Discussion

Natalie Cutsforth helps souls on the path of self-actualization align with their essence through accessing intuition, releasing unconscious blocks and updating soul vows. A spiritual adviser and healer, she assists with freeing the soul’s memory of unresolved or outdated energy so clients can create more of the life they desire. Natalie’s lifelong study of intuition and mystical healing was grounded and cultivated by growing up on a ranch and working for two decades in the technology industry.