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Friday night I went to see a concert with a group of friends. We spent the entire time dancing front-and-center which always makes a concert more enjoyable for me. A couple taller women had edged their way in front of our group so we moved to the side. I noticed there was a walking dead energy about one of the women. Before the main act she fell to the floor extremely intoxicated. She needed help up.

Later she was dancing very erratically, whipping her head and body side-to-side she cracked her skull into the side of my head with a lot of force. Ouch! I gave myself space from where she was dancing and continued to enjoy the show. Around that time some of my friends moved father back in the venue as they were uncomfortable with the energy where we were standing. Without noticing she’d edged closer and again whack, she cracked me in the side of the head with her skull. She was so loaded she didn’t seem to notice. It rattled my brain. I put several people between the two us and didn’t have any other incidents the rest of the show.

That night I had a headache, thinking it was dehydration, I drank extra water. In the morning I still had a headache of an odd sort. I recalled the head-crack and noticed the base of my skull was tender from the sideways impact. As an intuitive I’m very sensitive to the energy of other’s in my space. I felt the energy of this woman in her absence and was curious about it. What was the whack about? Besides wanting to get rid of my headache, I wanted to see how her energy got into my space.  There is always something that allows the energy in whether we are conscious of it or not.

In mediation, I pulled an image of myself up on my reading screen and noticed the pain energy in my head area. I visualized this pain leaving my body, going into a rose, and then sent the rose to a faraway place to be dissolved. After that, I looked around to see if there was something more for me to learn.

I saw a belief system up for review, my assumption that I can have my own experience without being impacted by those around me. My belief was that people can’t get into my space unless they are someone I care about. I am flexible and don’t easily let other’s attitudes or experiences get under my skin.

Due to this belief I disregarded the signals telling me to move when these women first entered my surroundings. I wanted to be standing where I was standing and wasn’t going to change that. It was a concert, we all bought a ticket, it didn’t matter that people were drunk, on drugs or just unconscious of their impact on others. Right? But in the density of human energy around me I wasn’t paying attention to my intuitive hit that I didn’t want to be near her energy.

I laugh at the irony of a favorite phrase I’ve shared with many friends and clients over the years:

“Listen to the taps [your intuitive knowing], so you don’t have to get whacked up-side the head.”

Literally! Intuition is always trying to get my attention even at a crowded concert. There will always be people who get in my space who I don’t like having there. Life is full of these repeated opportunities to know my boundaries.

Like this space invader experience, some soul agreements are momentary opportunities to listen to my intuition. Reminders that even what seems like a small thing, that was ok to overlook or disregard, such as changing where I stand in a crowd, has repercussions. I had a headache for 24 hours and could have avoided it if I’d listened to my inner-guidance. On the bright side I got to learn about an outdated belief system that was getting in my way of taking action on my intuition and let go!

Angels and guides are available at any time to help you. They are tuned-in to the vibrational manifestation of your soul and respond to your prayers and requests for assistance from the spirit world. These high-frequency souls do not get bound to fulfill a specific task nor do they attach themselves to a human’s energy field. They are simply available to help you, if you ask. Therefore your soul agreements with them are initiated by your requests.

Angels are healing and protective entities that will come to your aid. They have always been in the angelic form and only intervene under a few circumstances. Angels come at your request, from the prayers another has made on your behalf, or to protect/direct you in order to insure you fulfill your soul’s destiny. This third way I consider as the Angel following an order from the Divine. One of the simple everyday ways I feel Angels come to my aid is when driving. Many times I’ve felt an angelic presence step in between my car and another vehicle to prevent an accident.

Spirit guides are different than Angels in that their soul has lived in a human body in the past. They learned deep lessons in human form and have wisdom available to assist those living. These souls have decided not to reincarnate into a body but to provide assistance from the spirit world. Because they have lived before they have a vast spectrum of experience for you to draw upon. They also only engage with you at your request and don’t attach themselves to a human’s energy field.

Your agreements with angels and guides are created by request and from a desire for a positive outcome. You create a soul agreement with an Angel to provide protection or assist in healing in various forms. Angels also are representatives of the Divine and ultimately may show up to provide a function or deliver a message on behalf of the Divine.

A guide is different in that it is there to offer wisdom and point us in a direction that is important for our life path. Guides have a variety of knowledge from their soul’s experience. They can bring us expertise in areas that we need for different parts of our life. If you want, you can have a spiritual board of directors, or spiritual counsel that is made up of several guides who assist from the spirit world on different subjects. For example you may have a guide you work with to help you with your creative expression like music or writing. And another guide who provides assistance in parenting or with specific skills required for your employment.

In your relationship with Angels and guides, you are always in the drivers seat. The soul agreements are at your request and may be for a moment or for a long period of time. But they will never try to intrude on your physical body space. You can call on them and call them by name if you have a specific Angel or guide you would like to work with to support your life.

Souls without a body, such as your deceased loved ones, angels and other spiritual entities, have the ability to interact with you in the nonphysical plane. They represent one of the categories of soul agreements and are often the most tricky to identify. Some of these soul agreements with the spirit realm are created at your request; others are consequences of exposure to a spiritual entity under certain circumstances.

Helpful agreements are those created in response to your souls request, they either benefit you by providing protection, controlling your response or blocking experiences that are unwanted.  Hindering soul agreements are initiated either through a trauma experience, taken on to help another person heal or from energetic boundaries becoming permeable while using mind altering substances.

There are a few types of souls without bodies:

  • Angels/Guides – spiritual helpers who assist you upon request, they may help many people simultaneously and don’t attach in the way that Spiritual Entities do (invitation only)
  • Ancestors – Deceased loved ones, in spirit form, who communicate and assist but don’t attach
  • Spiritual Entities – attach themselves to you to do a job, or they get into your space in one of the hindering ways I mentioned above

You can have agreements with all of them but the ones that most often require intervention through agreement updates are spiritual entities.  Here’s an example of how a soul agreement with a spiritual entity is formed.

Around the age of three to five years, the responses you receive to showing your will or power teach you how much power you are allowed to have and how you are allowed to express what you want. If you experience a negative response to your power from someone you care about, you may call in a spiritual entity to help you control your expression of power. This experience is accompanied by a mental belief that your power can create disapproval or punishment. And by altered behaviors, that stop you from doing what comes naturally.

As an adult you recognize this pattern and choose to reclaim your power. You change your beliefs and behaviors. Yet you still find that the people don’t see what you are capable of.  They don’t see or acknowledge your power because the spiritual entity is protecting you from possible disapproval that would come from showing your full power.  You have an outdated soul agreement, blocking you from being seen for who you are.

Agreements with spiritual entities can also be created by and inherited from your parents or grandparents. These are passed down to keep you from experiencing a negative experience they experienced or as part of a family disease soul contract such as addiction or suicide.

Some negative spiritual entities are very strong and don’t like to leave. They are using your energy to their benefit. Those inherited from generations-old family agreements may be moved out, only to discover another similar spiritual entity shows up in its place.  Multi-generational soul agreements need to be healed back to the point of their creation to prevent attracting in another similar vibration entity. (I’ll cover this in future posts on family agreements).

You have the senior position in all of your spiritual contracts, including those with souls that don’t have a body. You can tell them to leave, end your agreements or change their job. In some cases you may prefer to get assistance from a professional to end or update these agreements.

In the next two weeks I’ll cover your soul agreements with ancestors, diseased oved ones, angels and guides. Please comment with questions and share your experiences here or on my Facebook page.

While direct communication is important in relationships, it is not always an option as it relates to the intricacies of soul agreements. If you have a soul agreement that doesn’t feel peaceful, causes you pain or distraction, it is likely time to revisit the terms of the agreement to find your peace.  You can do this with meditative visualization and communication with your spirit guides. There are also times when a soul agreement is so deep-seated that you will need outside help.

Before you start the visualization take a few moments to write down single words or short phrases as it relates to the soul agreement you are preparing to update:

  1. What parts of the agreement would you like to change or discontinue experiencing?
  2. What energies you would like to experience in the relationship if it is to continue?

Now with the above intentions in mind, begin this simple meditation to update or end a soul agreement. If you find it easier for to listen and be guided through a meditation, you can download free a recording of this soul agreement update meditation at this link:

  • Begin in a simple silent meditation state (see my post a Meditative Path to Clarity)
  • Visualize a rose floating in front of you that symbolizes a relationship you are ready to change.
  • See a second rose beside it, like a magic wand; this second rose is there to remove any energy you are ready to release from that soul agreement.
  • Watch as details of your past or current soul agreement move out of the relationship rose into the wand-like rose. See any expectations, demands, control, punishment, anger, disappointment, fear, guilt, and shame move out of the soul agreement rose. Get specific with details of your relationship!
  • Once the relationship rose is free of these unwanted aspects, visualize the wand like rose with all of the energy you no longer desire gathered up in it, flying away to a faraway place. On that mountain top or over the ocean, see it dissolve with the intention that it causes no harm.
  • Now imaging a golden ball of light hovering above the soul agreement rose. Fill that ball of light with all of the positive intentions, new agreements and emotional energies you would like to experience in this relationship, such as: ease, grace, pleasure, fulfillment, joy, inspiration, flow, playfulness, support.
  • When the golden ball of light is FULL of good vibrations drop it into your soul agreement rose and see them become one.
  • Then ask your Akashic record keeper to update your soul records as well as to communicate this update to the soul records of the person with whom you are updating your soul agreement.

Please comment on this blog post with your experiences, questions and what you would like to learn next about your soul agreements!

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you’ll know exactly what to do. Michelle Ventor

A soul agreement relationship can feel confusing when you don’t know if it is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Sometimes you get overly attached and the relationship ends. Other times you feel complete after the purpose of your work together is done.  Not all people arrive to a sense of completion at the same pace.

If your agreement is for a reason, your encounter is generally quick.  You get in a fender bender. The kindness that you and the other driver respond with provides an opportunity for both of you to heal your fears of a stranger’s anger.  Agreements for a reason may show up to complete a past life commitment or be a Divine hand to point you in a different direction than you were heading.

Agreements for a season last longer. They can involve helping someone through a challenging time, or showing up for each other in ways that push you to evolve. They’re more likely to leave lingering feelings of attachment when they end.

A “season” soul agreement came through my life fifteen years ago. I worked with Theresa, a woman who was single and pregnant at forty. The father was older than her, and chose not to be involved although they’d been engaged when she got pregnant. He didn’t want to become a father again at his age.  Her family was unavailable to support her.

One day at work she mentioned that she was going to start her Lamaze classes soon. I asked her, “Who is going with you?” She replied that she was going alone. I felt compelled to offer to go with her. She accepted my offer although we were only acquaintances. We attended birthing classes together and I was at the hospital when her daughter was born. We kept in touch for a year after the birth, but when I changed jobs we lost contact.

My soul agreement with Theresa and her daughter Hannah was simple; support them through this challenging time. Don’t let them go it alone. I felt compelled and can’t explain why, it was our soul agreement. A sure sign you have a soul agreement is when you feel compelled to do something beyond the level of your existing relationship.

I would love to know how they are doing, but our relationship agreement was completed in the season of Theresa’s pregnancy and first year of her daughter’s life. It faded with love, acceptance and appreciation on both sides.

You may feel sad or disappointed when a relationship fades after an intense journey shared together. Yet if you have completed your soul agreement it is natural that there is no draw to continue connecting.

In some cases, one person may be clear that the agreement is complete or they may decide not to complete their agreement in this lifetime. That can create residual karma and cause you pain. If you don’t feel at peace about the end of a relationship it is time to update your soul agreement. Alternately if you want to maintain a continued connection after the purpose of your coming together has been fulfilled, it helps to update your soul agreement with new intentions.

In next week’s blog I’ll provide a guideline for updating your soul agreements.

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Watch a short video blog on why its is essential to update your soul agreements click here to watch or on the image below

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There are junctures in life, transitions that are a natural part of development or made by choice, that indicate a soul agreement change is an order. A parent-child relationship evolves to parent-adult, when the child grows up.  Commitments made in a marriage end at the death of one partner or with a divorce. As I covered in an earlier blog post, the soul agreement goes beyond the psychological shift and change of physical circumstance.

In cases where there isn’t a clear relationship transition, it’s not as obvious that an update is in order. In a marriage of 30 years the agreement isn’t the same as it was at 5 years of marriage, yet aspects can be stuck in the original agreement.  Here are a few clues to help you identify where you can benefit from changing your soul agreements.

When you repeatedly think about a past experience or have a mental conversation with a person who is not present.  This is a person or situation with which you need to update your agreement.  The conversation in your head kicks-in frequently when you relax and are not focused on a task.  And sometimes it even disrupts something else you were thinking about or doing.

If you feel frustrated, dis-empowered or “off” from the persistent distracting thoughts, you might find yourself pushing the person away in your mind saying, “Leave me alone!”  The disruption has purpose. It’s happening to let you know something is unresolved, that you need to release, shift or directly communicate in a relationship.

Another way you can know a relationship soul agreement needs to be updated is when you feel angry about expectations from a person that you don’t want to be required to fulfill. This anger helps you notice that you need to revise your boundary in the agreement. When an agreement is in need of update it often has low vibration emotions attached to it like guilt, shame, abandonment, judgment or control.

For example, you feel guilty for saying “no” to someone when they ask you to do something you’ve always done for them at work, like schedule a meeting for a group of people. Your job has changed and you are no longer in the position where that is part of the agreement. You need to set a new boundary and update your agreement to match the new role so others don’t continue to expect you to do things that were part of your old position.

In another case, you may have an agreement to listen to a friend when they have had a bad experience. They want to dump their pain or anger to feel better. And you’ve signed up through your choice to listen. You may have a sense of guilt for abandoning them in their suffering if you don’t listen. Yet every time you have a conversation where you get emotionally dumped on, you feel worse and your friend feels better. They may even thank you for being a good friend. The benefit of changing or ending an agreement like this is that it allows you to have your own experience, rather than getting thrown “off” or drained by their emotions and upset.

In summary, the primary signals that a relationship soul agreement is ready to be updated:

  • A relationship has clearly changed (end of job, romantic partnership)
  • A relationship has changed over time but the person is not honoring the change
  • A relationship drains your energy
  • You experience distracting or dis-empowering thoughts of the person
  • You feel negative emotions about something that used to be okay for you in a relationship