My Story

Natalie at upper Yaquina Falls, Oregon

My spiritual training began in 1997 with a powerful dream that led to a more than a decade of intensive work with spiritual mentor, Dawn Eagle Woman.  In 2000 I began to explore my intuitive nature at the Inner Connection Institute in Denver Colorado. After a decade of my own healing, study and practice I began to see clients.

Today I am a spiritual adviser and healer. I write about and teach energy tools, intuition, personal transformation and soul contracts. I have published numerous articles. A link to my publications can be found here.

On this sojourn I have explored many diverse esoteric traditions, incorporating what resonated with my truth. I invite you to take what works for you and let go of what doesn’t as you tune-in to energy and listen to your intuition.

My values were influenced early by the freedom and work ethic of life on my family’s hippy ranch in the coastal mountains of Oregon.  I love the outdoors and connect with nature through gardening, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. I am energized by international travel, ecstatic dance, the arts and live music.

In parallel to my soul-work, I have over twenty years of experience in the business world focused on geographic information systems, information technology and business development. I have managed relationships with a full spectrum of small businesses, Fortune 500 and government clients. I have served on two industry Board of Directors as President/Chairman. I enjoy the balance of using both my analytical and my intuitive skills to create a magical life.