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The two critical energetic steps to manifesting a positive new experience are:

  1. A Solid Foundation
  2. Clear Creation Energy

Think of it this way: Foundation + Creation = Manifestation If the foundation isn’t in place or the creation energy is muddled your manifestations don’t last or aren’t as great as they could be.

A strong foundation means you are grounded so you are stable as the change shifts your center of gravity. When the good comes you want to be able to enjoy it. The root chakra at the base of your spine is your energetic foundation. It is where you hold the energies of survival, safety and security.

To establish or reinforce your foundation, follow this simple meditation:

Visualize your root chakra connected to the Earth by seeing a beam of light or tree trunk attached to the base of your spine extended down into the center of the Earth. Set your intentions that this new grounded foundation is “in present time” by thinking of today’s date. Claim that this foundation is only for you. You ground for YOU, no one else (unless you have young children, it is important to ground for them too).

With your solid foundation in place, move up in the energetic body to just below your belly button. This is your sacral chakra where you hold creation and sexual energies. Clear creation energy is free from past limitations and the influences of others in your life. It is important to clean out your creative energy space so you don’t repeat undesirable experiences.

To clean out your creation space imagine you are holding a helium balloon on a string. The balloon’s job is to collect up all the energies you are cleaning out of your sacral chakra. Imagine these energies move out of the area of your body just below your belly button, like a wisp or silver strand they move into the balloon filling it up.

Here are some energies you may want to move out of your creation space and into the balloon:

  • Fear of failure
  • Need to control the creation/outcome
  • Other’s discomfort with your success, competition
  • Belief that only a certain range of possibilities are available
  • Grief from false starts, unfertilized seeds, miscarriages, unfulfilled dreams
  • Possessiveness, someone’s energy keeping you to themselves or possessing you sexually
  • Depression, hopelessness, discouragement
  • Blame, shame, anger, jealousy
  • Attachment to the form the creation needs to take
  • Energy whacks/wounds from your past attempts to create or to your sexual energy
  • Unworthiness, the lie that you don’t deserve to manifest or can’t because of x y z…
  • Fear of success, resistance, suppression of your ability to have what you want
  • Other’s attention on your creation. It doesn’t matter if it’s curiosity, poor boundaries or mal intent, move it out, it is in your way.
  • Rigidity, feeling stuck, stagnancy

Now that you’ve cleaned ALL that unwanted energy out you may have a bouquet of balloons! Thank them for their assistance and let the strings go. Watch the balloons floating up into the sky, higher and higher until they disappear.

For extra credit, imagine filling your sacral chakra with energies you would like to experience in your creative space such as ease, inspiration, unlimited possibilities, sensuality or whatever you like.

With your solid foundation and vibrant creation space you are empowered for brilliant manifestation. I’ll dive into manifestation in my next blog post.

Remember: Foundation + Creation = Manifestation!

It’s the perfect time of year to clean cobwebs and dust bunnies out of the corners of our life.  The budding of spring evokes a desire to let go of what no longer matches our vision to make room for something fresh and new.  Both in our physical world and our spirit, clearing energetic space lightens us up and brings us into the present moment. 

To prepare ourselves for new opportunities that show-up along our path in love, at work or home, there are some spiritual spring cleaning tools we can use that don’t cost much more than time and intention. 

In ancient spiritual traditions energy is cleared and healed with ritual smudging. Smudging is the act of burning sage, sweet grass or other plants, such as those collected near a place where a lightning strike burnt the earth. The sacred smoke purifies an area or object.  Combined with spiritual invocation the smoke absorbs and neutralizes any negative energy. It cleanses the space to make way for new creation. 

In The Smudging and Blessings Book Jane Alexander writes, “Cleansing a space or our bodies with techniques such as smudging clears away all the emotional and psychic ‘garbage’ that may have gathered over years or even hundreds of years.” Begin with a lit smudge bundle or braid of sweet grass and something to catch ashes, walk through each room of your home or office and take the smoke to each of the corners of the room.  If the weather is nice, open doors and windows to allow fresh air to flow through, moving energy with the planet’s breathe. 

After you have smudged the space take a moment to sit meditation.  Clear your mind of distractions with deep breathing.  Notice the grounding cord connected from the base of your spine down into the center of the earth.  When you feel clear and centered visualize a large rose in the center of the home or office space. It’s stem running down through the floor, through the layers of the earth and rooting into the core of the planet. Then see a gold thread coming from each of the top four corners of the building or property into the center of the blossom of the rose.  See four more gold threads connecting from the bottom corners of the space to the blossom of the rose.  Mentally intend that the space is set at your vibration, in present time, today’s date.  If you share space with others you can include their energy. 

Clearing and owning the space we live and work in can be done as often as we like.  It keeps the vibration current and in alignment with our energy.  It makes the space more cooperative with our movements and rest.  It removes the distraction of energetic holdovers from past inhabitants or events.  Ultimately, cleaning our energetic space increases our intuitive clarity.