What to expect in a Session?

Reading & Healing Session

Individual One Hour Session $160 – Book Appointment OR Purchase Gift Certificate

Every session unfolds in its own unique way. In general people come with few questions or an interest in clarity for some part of their life.  The following are some areas to consider reflecting on in the session, to determining how it can best serve your needs:

  • Relationships – Are there areas in your relationship(s) where you are struggling or lack clarity? Would it be helpful to get a different view? To see how the relationship is operating on the soul agreement level? To release aspects that aren’t working well and infuse it with desired energies?
  • Physical Body – Do you have unresolved or unexplained pain? Is your sleep disturbed? Do you feel tired often?
  • Blocks – Are there desires that you have that are unfulfilled? Are there new things you want to try but for some reason you haven’t?
  • Decisions – Are you struggling with a decision regarding home, career, money or any other area of your life and need help getting clarity?
  • Emotional Wounds – Have you had traumatic experiences in the past that still disturb you? Do you find yourself suffering from depression, anxiety, heartache or grief?

This transformational process removes outdated and misaligned energy, making way for you to call-in new positive experiences.  The shifts happen in layers and fresh levels of awareness follow.  While individual sessions are powerful, commitment to a series three to six monthly readings, will take the work to a deeper level.  Clients repeatedly have major breakthroughs in their lives after three or four session.

As I tune into you, I communicate everything I see with you and your Soul/ Akashic Record keeper to complete the healing.  Your session is recorded and provided via email.  Listening to your reading again after the initial session provides new layers of healing and awareness.

Sessions can be done in-person or at a distance via phone, facetime or Skype video conferencing.

Couple’s One Soul Agreement Reading $240 – Book Appointment 

I offer couple’s soul agreement readings with both partners included in the session. It takes an immense courage for two people to look directly at their soul level relationship agreement, but it is a powerful soul freeing evolutionary step and can be fun. In this session I look for matches in each person as you direct me to the areas of relationship you would like assistance with, removing blocks, releasing old patterns or healing wounds.